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[CONTEST] The Ultimate Contest starts now!

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Wait. How can this be the Ultimate Contest when we’ve just launched the game? Boy, our marketing guys sure suc-


Hello again Opulencians, didn’t see you there!

That’s right, we are not even a day into our Open Beta that we already have some cool stuff for you all!

As you’re probably aware by now, our Diamond Packs are one way for you all to truly loot in style in the kingdom of Opulencia. These Packs are chock-full with new and exclusive content - may it be the early access to our new Hero, the Runaway, or to our new Castle Theme and its boss, Flameo. We have several Packs on the shelf, each designed for a specific type of player: Attacker, Defender, Versatile, you name it. But we have one Pack that is the top of the top, and that is the Ultimate Diamond Pack.



Ultimate Pack


The Ultimate Diamond Pack not only contains everything that the other Packs offer (the early access to the Runaway with her special "Red Hair" Skin and "Floating Notes" FX, to the Flameo Castle Theme and Boss, a metric-ton of Blings and Boosts (measurement to be confirmed)), but also more completely exclusive content:

- SHINY UNDERPANTS for all characters (and by SHINY, we mean… SHINY):




- The most adorable Pet, Princess Pufflefang:





- And 4 exclusive Emotes for your characters:






Looks pretty swell, doesn’t it? Well, we are now offering you a chance to WIN ONE OF THESE BAD BOYS.



The Ultimate Contest


Ahhh, so that’s why it’s called the Ultimate Contest, got it. Those marketing people aren’t so stupid after al-


From right now until Monday, March 17th at 12pm EST, you can earn a chance to win one of 5 Ultimate Diamond Packs by participating in this Contest.

How do you do that? Nothing simpler: Like our Facebook page and give us an email address to contact you with, and you’re all set. We’ll randomly pick 5 participants at the end of the contest that will be granted one Ultimate Diamond Pack. Click the image below to participate:




IMPORTANT: Please submit your email through the Contest App, not in the comments section! 

We wish you all good luck, Opulencians, and stay tuned for more!



Twitch night! 



Stream with the Frag Dolls & Azurite


We'll be starting this special Twitch night with our usual pair RookFell (Community Manager) and Esper from the Frag Dolls at 1.30pm EST (6.30pm GMT) on the Frag Dolls channel! They will be joined with Azurite to play and talk about the game and wear stupid hats! 





Fireside Brawl - Open Beta Special!


Then at 2.30pm (7.30 GMT) we'll have a special episode of the Fireside Brawl! 4 Community Managers will be playing each with a different hero for 2 and a half hours! It'll be the occasion for us to showcase our costumes, pets and defenses. We might even have a few Runaway codes to give away!


Join us tomorrow Feb. 27th at 2.30pm EST (7.30pm GMT) on our official Twitch channel for this special event! 


See you soon!  


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tymczasowicz | February 26, 2014 23:34 | Report

You better call it LOTTERY, wtf does contest mean for you

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Sil3nt_Bullet | February 26, 2014 19:19 | Report

I really hope that I get one :D!Low chances anyway.Good luck to all of you and have fun in this enjoyable game!

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BxDee | February 26, 2014 18:31 | Report

And u need to be on facebook...

No chance to win Ultimate Diamond Pack for me then :<

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DavidZeul | February 26, 2014 18:22 | Report

Good luck ! :3

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MostlyPanda | February 26, 2014 18:19 | Report

i wish good luck for all participants :)

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smmnfs10 | February 26, 2014 18:12 | Report

Awwww, it's random. I hoped for a more enjoyable contest.