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Open Beta is LIVE!

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Ladies and gentlemen,


The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot  is now officially in Open Beta!


You’re new here and you don’t know what that means? Don’t worry, we got you covered.



What is  this game!?



 Concept 1



The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is a unique game that mixes two kinds of gameplay.


On one hand, you build your Defenses and fill your Castle with Creatures and Traps in order to protect your Chests, Mines and Treasure Room from vile Attackers.


On the other hand, you become a vile Attacker yourself and go plunder other people’s Castles with one of your Heroes, to acquire ever more Gold, Life Force, and most importantly Epic Loot (between you and me, it’s even better if it’s a friend you go plunder).

To put it simply, and we’re quoting on this one, it’s kinda like Diablo and Dungeon Keeper had a baby. You don't need to know more? Just click below and get started!






Cool, now what does Open Beta mean?



Well, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, “open” can either be a noun, an adjective or a verb, and its first known use dates back from the 12th Centur… Oh. I see. That wasn’t your question.



Open Beta


Open Beta means, first and foremost, that our game is now accessible to everyone without the need for any keys. Which is great, because some of you have been relentlessly asking for them during our Closed Beta! To those that recognized themselves in this description: What are you waiting for?! Be free of our comment sections and forum threads! Be free of email sign-ups and Early Access restrictions! My friends, the game is waiting for you! (Though we’d still love to see you around to chat about the game... just not about Beta Keys.)



No Keys


But wait, there’s more! Not only is our game now accessible to anyone and everyone, but it’s also free! Yep, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is a free-to-play game, and that means you can play it entirely without having to spend a dime. Or a nickel. Or even a penny! If you want more info, check out our Monetization section just below.





Finally, let’s put the Beta back in Open Beta. The game is still in development, and if you've been paying attention, you've seen that we’ve made some pretty drastic changes to the game thanks to the feedback we've received from our Community. And we intend to keep improving it thanks to you, your feedback and your ideas!



In Progress


Now, still being in development also implies that once in a while you may face the rougher side of gaming: bugs, unbalanced stuff, resets (don't panic, we don’t have any planned at this point). But that’s what an Open Beta is for, and we will make sure to be as responsive as possible when you guys provide us with enough feedback to help us exterminate these things. And together, we’ll make our game the best game ever, nothing less.



Ok! What else do I need to know?



Concept 2



Let’s tear it down in different sections.





As we mentioned earlier, you will need to both build your Castle to protect your hard-won loot and resources, and to go attack and plunder other people’s Castles to get more.



4 Heroes


You have 4 Heroes at your disposal to attack other people’s Castles, 3 of which are choosable for free at the beginning of your adventure. The Knight is your Melee character: strong, powerful, using either a sword or an axe, he isn’t afraid of close combat and of getting Snot in his teeth. (And we're not just talking about a runny nose. We also have Creatures called Snotters). The Archer is a ranged character, using his trusted bow and loyal falcon to defeat his enemies. The Mage uses his powerful spells to keep his opponents as bay, as his old bones do not allow him to take that many hits.





Finally, the Runaway is our newest Hero, who is (currently!) only accessible through our Diamond Packs. She’s definitely a Rocker, and she uses her gigantic Guitar-Axe to inflict very heavy blows and to play devilishly good melodies that aren’t much to her adversaries’ liking. She’s a mid-range character that tends to be a bit slower and more fragile than the Knight, though you might not want to tell her that.





Our new Defense Mode, the aptly called Open Creation, allows you to put your Creatures and Traps pretty much as freely as you want. But also as freely as you can bear it, as you will need to validate your own Castle by attacking it before other people can. This way, we ensure that no Castle is actually impossible and that the best players in Attack and in Defense win. If you want more information on the Open Creation, check out our first Open Beta Update focusing on it.



Gold Life Force


You have two resources at your disposal: Gold and Life Force. Gold is used to upgrade your Castle and its Machineries, while Life Force is used to populate your Castle with Creatures and Traps and to level them up. Both can be looted from other people’s Castles and harvested from the Mines you set up in your own Castle.





The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is all about friendly competition, and for that we have designed the Crown system.





Every time you loot another Castle, you earn Crowns while your opponent loses some. Every time you die while attacking another Castle, you lose Crowns while your opponent earns some. Same logic applies to your Castle: if it defeats other Attackers, you earn Crowns while they lose some. If your Castle is defeated, you lose Crowns while your Attacker earns some.






All of that is governed by our Victory Conditions: while attacking, you can earn up to 3 stars. One Star is earned by beating the validation time of the Defender. One Star is earned by looting all of the Defender’s Mines. And one Star is earned by reaching the Treasure Room without dying, though all Stars are lost if the Attacker were to die during the Attack. The reward in Crowns is proportional to the number of Stars earned: 100% of the potential win for 3 Stars, 50% for 2 Stars, and only 20% for 1 Star.

The Crowns you can either win or lose is also decided by the opponent’s level compared to yours, and the opponent’s number of Crowns compared to yours. If you want more information about all this, you should check out our Open Beta Update 2, focusing on the matter.





As stated earlier, our game is a free-to-play and, hence, is free. To play.


Glad you asked. We’ve made some pretty cool changes to our Monetization system recently: no “free-to-wait”, no “cooking time”, no “pay-to-win”. Our Monetization is now based on two things: Heroes and Customization. Your first Hero is absolutely free, and you will be able to purchase any other with Blings. We will forever keep balancing them so that no Hero is stronger than the other, not even our new ones. Castle Themes and Heroes’ Costumes are also purchasable with Blings. Blings?





Blings! Blings are our premium currency, and you can get them three different ways:

     1) Purchasing a Bling Pack. ‘Simple as that. Click here for more info.
     2) Purchasing a Diamond Pack, that gives you Blings plus early access to our new Hero or Castle Theme (or both!), plus tons of exclusive content. Click here for more info!
     3) Being the best at our game and topping the Leaderboards. We have a League system that regularly awards Blings to our best players. If you want more info, here you go!



Diamond Pack



What about the future?


All of that is very nice, but what comes next? As we revealed yesterday, we are working on a full blown Crafting system, and on a mysterious type of event called Chapters, where you all will be able to write the Story of Opulencia.


You can click here if you want more information, but you should know that this isn’t ALL of what we have in store for the game... Especially since a good part of the future of our game will come from you!





Your feedback, comments and ideas are absolutely essential to us, and you have more than one way to share it with us. Here below are our channels, and we’d be more than happy to communicate with you through them, so like us, follow us, share us!




Tomorrow, we will have a kick-ass Contest for you all and a mysterious event called "Welcome to Opulencia" will start in the upcoming days... Stay tuned!





We almost forgot! Today we have published a new Pack for the game, as we usually do once every month. This one is rather short as we have made several updates in the past few weeks already. Here below are the detailed Patch Notes of what’s in it!


     - Heroes


          - Added a new Hero to the game: The Runaway

          - Added XP bonus of -100% when the difference between Hero and Castle level is superior to 6


     - Pets


          - Added Pets to the game

               - Distributing the Lord Greenjeans Pet to all Double O Club members

               - Distributing the Nuggle Pet to all Closed Beta players


     - Monetization

          - Added the Diamond Packs to the game

          - Removed the Double O Packs


     - Creatures


          - Fixed bug of Ghost of Durrrr's past not getting an Attack Ticket


     - Other


          - Fixed bug in Battle Log concerning the Shield

          - Added [W] & [E] shortcuts for camera rotation

And that is all for now; see you very soon for more!

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vinny212000 | February 26, 2014 00:21 | Report

my launcher isnt working, it continues to tell me that it is having trouble authenticating my account to the game server, anyone have any idea why it says this

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phobia92 | February 25, 2014 23:11 | Report

Good fail with network error ,seems like ubi just blocked eu players

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XxxJPGamerxxX | February 25, 2014 22:41 | Report

-JustLetMePlay not working

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bluurrr | February 25, 2014 22:22 | Report

when does open beta end?
Theres no dates listed.

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ZdejPoham | February 25, 2014 21:57 | Report

Great. -JustLetMePlay command line option doesn't work any more. :(

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nitram166 | February 25, 2014 21:50 | Report

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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hamsterbryan | February 25, 2014 21:45 | Report

cant wait to start :P so happy :P