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[Open Beta] Pre-Open Beta Pack - Patch Notes

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Pre Open Beta Pack



Hello everyone,

The Pre-Open Beta Pack is now live!


For those of you that just caught up with us, we have released today a Pack that contains most of the features we wanted to have for the launch of our Open Beta. We started detailing them in our Open Beta Updates #1 (Open Creation), #2 (Lootable Mines, Victory Conditions, Leagues) and during the two Twitch livestreams today (New Hero and Castle Progression, follow up news to come).


As we announced it last week, your account will automatically be reset with this new Pack.For more information, please go to our Progression Reset news or our FAQ news.

Heads up! There will be a lot of testing, tweaking and polishing until we reach Open Beta on February 25th, therefore you may encounter more bugs than usual. Now more than ever, your feedback is extremely important, so please take the time to share it on our forums:




Before we get to the complete Patch Notes (and boy is there a lot of them) we wanted to highlight a few of the other major changes we have included as part of our Pre-Open Beta Update. “What? You mean you haven’t told us everything yet?!” Well, if you tuned into our Livestreams yesterday, you already got the scoop, but for the rest of you…



New Hero Progression!



Hero Trainer, be gone! That’s right folks, your Hero will now level up automatically during an Attack run. No more running back to your castle to level up, and no more paying for it either. One moment you're killing a bunch of chickens with a full XP bar than BOOM, a light shines from the heavens (no, really, it does) and you’re suddenly one level higher. Congratulations!



In addition to this change, we’ve also added some EXP boosts (or decreases) based on your Castle Level. We have a fancy chart below with all the details (because who doesn’t love charts AND details?).



New Monetization System!



Are you ready for this one? You better be, take a deep breath - No more Upgrade timers! No more “Finish Now” options! No more Worker’s Cabin! All you need is the appropriate amount of Gold and Life Force to upgrade your machinery and it’s yours!


So what do you do with all your Blings? We want to make sure that Blings are spent on things that have a clear value, so you’ll be able to buy additional Heroes with Blings, alongside any of our cosmetic items like Costumes and Castle Themes.


Want more information? NEED all the sweet details? Well strap yourself in and keep on scrolling, because all of the Patch Notes for our Pre-Open Beta Update are below:



Detailed Patch Notes



      - Castle Level

          - The Castle level is now determined by the Castle Heart level.
          - The Castle Heart now has 30 Ranks


     - Hero Level

          - The Hero Trainer has been removed.

          - The Hero now levels up automatically during Attacks
          - Added an XP boost to the hero when the hero and the castle levels are close:



Hero Levels


     - Machinery Upgrades


          - Removed Upgrade Timers
          - Removed Finish Nows
          - Removed the Worker Cabin


     - Economy


          - Mine Production Rates and Capacity changes:






          - Storage Tier and Capacity changes:






          - Building Tiers unlock and Price changes:






     - Mines


          - Reduced the number of mines a Castle can have

          - Mines are now lootable

          - Gold and Live Mines have a different footprint size and yield

          - When looted, mines become shielded for one hour






     - Victory Conditions


          - Changed victory conditions :


               - 1 Star: Finish the Castle without dying
               - 1 Star: Loot all the Mines
               - 1 Star: Beat the Defender's Timer


          - The amount of Gold and Life Force looted in the Treasure Room no longer depends on the number of Stars gained

          - Changed the amount of Crowns earned per Stars :


               - 1 Star: 20%
               - 2 Stars: 50%
               - 3 Stars: 100%


     - Castle Validation


          - It is now required to play and beat your own Castle after any modifications to publish it for other Attackers.
          - All the Gold and Life Force Mines have to be looted to validate the castle (part of the victory condition).
          - The time taken to beat the Castle is used as a reference for one of the Stars in the Attack Mode

     - Creatures


          - Restriction zones for creature placement have been removed (Open Creation)


          - Creatures now have a line of sight, and their own aggro propagation radius 

                    - Aggro Range (how far your creatures can see): 6.3m

                    - Aggro Propagation (how far you can put creatures apart from each other and still pull aggro): 4m

                    - Creatures Aggro Propagation radius can be edited using ALT + mouse

                    - Boss specific zone is now extended to the entire boss room

          - Combat Dynamic


                    - Attack Ticket System: Creatures that are aggro'ed and that don't have a ticket only follow the Hero:

                              - From castle level 1 to 10

                                        - Max Defense Points attacking: 20

                                        - Max Defense Points attacking in the Boss Room: 36

                              - From castle level 11 to 20

                                        - Max Defense Points attacking: 24

                                        - Max Defense Points attacking in the Boss Room: 43

                              - From castle level 21 to 30

                                        - Max Defense Points attacking: 28

                                        - Max Defense Points attacking in the Boss Room: 50

                    - Creatures are now damaged by Traps
                    - Creatures have a developed Artificial Intelligence to avoid Traps
                    - Creatures Regen System

          - Most creatures have a different footprint size

                    - Grunts: 1x1

                    - Captains: 2x2

                    - Elites: 3x3

                    - Bosses: 5x5

          - Creatures stats have been updated


     - Traps 

          - Traps exclusion zones have been removed (Open Creation)

          - Traps need to be powered by a Trap Generator to be active.
                    - Connections between Traps and Generators can be edited using ALT + mouse

          - Most Traps have a different footprint size

          - Traps stats have been updated

          - Glue, explosive and poisonous mines fields have been removed

                    - Mines can now be placed individually


          - Detailed Changes:


                    - Trap Generator:
                               - Cost : 2 Defense Points
                               - Power : 10 Defense Points
                               - Power Area : 20m
                               - Footprint : 4x4


                    - Fire and Glue Mines:
                               - Cost: 1 DP
                               - Footprint: 1x1

                    - Spike Trap:
                               - Cost: 2 DPs
                               - Footprint: 8x8 (same as before)


                    - Rotating Cannon I:
                               - 1 Cannon
                               - Cost : 2 DPs
                               - Footprint : 4x4

                    - Rotating Cannon II:
                               - 2 Cannons
                               - Cost : 4 DPs
                               - Footprint : 4x4

                    - Rotating Cannon III:
                               - 3 Cannons
                               - Cost : 5 DPs
                               - Footprint : 4x4

                    - Haunted Gramophone:
                               - Cost : 4 DPs
                               - Footprint : 2x2

                               - Silence Bubble now grows from 1 to 4.2 meters for 3 seconds then disappears for 3 seconds.

                    - Balistic Cannon:
                               - Cost : 3 DPs
                               - Footprint : 2x2

                    - Hamster Wheel:
                               - Cost : 3 DPs
                               - Footprint : 10x1

                               - Decreased stand-up & knockback animations (0.6 seconds)

                    - Spring Trap :
                               - Cost : 3 DPs
                               - Footprint : 2x2

                               - Decreased stand-up & knockback animations (0.6 seconds)

                    - Gelatinous Wall:
                               - Cost : 3 DPs
                               - Footprint : 3x6 (same as before)

     - Other


          - The area outside the Castle Entrance has been increased

     - Heroes


          - General :


               - Decreased the prepare duration of all heroes basic attacks
               - Potion amounts and levels adjusted:





          - Knight:


               - Reduced the end of the Knight's Charge animation by 0.55 seconds
               - Fiery Weapon is now an instant skill
               - Flame Coat is now an instant skill


          - Archer:


               - Bleed damage now occurs for advanced levels of Headshot
               - Caltrops is now an instant skill
               - Bear Trap is now an instant skill


          - Mage


               - Storm Armor is now an instant skill


      - Competition


          - Changed Leaderboard UI
          - Removed Hero Killed, Creature Killed, Achievement and Honor Points Leaderboards (Only Crowns remain)
          - Added Crown Leagues






          - Removed the Honor Points rewards and replaced them by Blings in the competitive castle (in the Competition Zone)


          - Changed Crown gains. It is now based on the difference between the Hero and the Castle, as well as the difference between the Attacker and the Defender's Crowns.


     - Themes


          - Added the Frosty Theme in Cornelius Emporium


That’s all for now, see you soon for more!

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guest-wepiGon7 | February 19, 2014 13:37 | Report

Please send me beta key
I´d really like your game played.. :)

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guest-3nZJSab6 | February 18, 2014 10:06 | Report

i got my beta key free in a magazine at the school library

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Zehratul2 | February 17, 2014 15:38 | Report

PLS send beta key
i want make beta video on my chenel :)
5000sub+ hungary

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Green1Peace | February 17, 2014 11:07 | Report

please, give me beta-key,my email white-woolf@bigmir.net

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bkot123 | February 17, 2014 00:22 | Report

plz send me a beta key
my email juanpiog@hotmail.com

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guest-X8X4RwD5 | February 16, 2014 07:38 | Report

Plz sent me a beta key
my email softlife5@inbox.ru

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DDDender | February 14, 2014 15:30 | Report

plz sent me a beta key,plz
my email danya-sharkov@bk.ru

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Nishay1 | February 14, 2014 11:29 | Report

plz sent me a beta key,plz
my email-n.sookhinunthen@gmail.com

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MIGHTY975557 | February 14, 2014 00:15 | Report

HI guest-uBPU9Hde,

I also had 3 level 30 heroes each with over 1000 dps and a level 30 castle with every creature and building maxed out. I only bought into this beta because they promised that our progress was safe. I trusted them too. So to answer your question.....the reason everything is gone is......these guys are a bunch of dirty rotten lying scumbags who wasted our time and money.

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guest-uBPU9Hde | February 13, 2014 20:49 | Report

Hi everyone,

i would like to share so,ething that looks like a major bug to me.

I have been reading all patch notessince the start and it was clearly written that when the open beta or real game would be released, all scores would be taken out.


I had One Mage lvl 30 Full Epic Stuff, One Warior lvl30 Full Epic Stuff, One Archer lvl30 full epic stuff + 6 inventory pages fulled with potions,, maybe 20 epic gear for each hero, and another 10gear specilised in +X%Loot. I had all possible upgrades in castle + all possible upgrades in mines + all of upgrades in monster Lab except a few boss upgrades that costed 300k vital force + castle skins + hero skins like pumpkin hat etc.

I participated in forums, in the 3 first competitions, and spent a few hundred pounds on my account, and certainly a few hundred hours.