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[Open Beta] Progression Reset

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Hello Opulencians,

We are announcing today that in order to introduce our new Open Creation defense mode (among other reasons detailed here) for Open Beta, we are going to conduct a progression reset on all player accounts on the Live Version of the game on February 11th.

Please continue reading to get a better understanding of why this is happening.





The new Open Creation defense mode we have developed for Open Beta is going to change our game, a lot. In order to improve the game and implement this new mode, we had to re-do a lot of the in-game systems. For instance, we created a Trap Generator, changed the footprints on nearly all traps and creatures and we reworked the Mines entirely. We have detailed these changes in the dedicated Open Creation news if you are interested in reading more.

All of these changes are important enough that this new mode renders old castles incompatible with it. Keeping the current castles in the new Open Creation defense mode would make the kingdom of Opulencia a vast semi-apocalyptic field of broken castles and game-breaking bugs. Not too enticing, right? That is why we have decided to conduct a progression reset.

In addition, Crowns and Leaderboards will be reset on February 11th to prepare for Open Beta and to create a level playing field for all players for future competitions.





The reset will happen on February 11th, with the release of the pre-Open Beta pack.


This Pack will contain the majority of the new features we planned for the Open Beta’s launch on February 25th. We are releasing these new features early to our Closed Beta players, to allow us to fine tune them and to get your feedback on what we'll be rolling out.





Here below is the detailed process of what’s going to happen.



          - FOR ALL PLAYERS


Heroes will be brought back to Level 1. The Knight, Archer and Mage will be unlocked for everyone, but you will need to go through the new Tutorial with one of them before you can access the two other heroes.


Your Attack inventory will remain the same. Your equipped loot will be brought back to your inventory (or the Buy Back section of the appropriate machinery if your inventory is full).

Your Castle will be emptied and brought back to Level 1. Your Castle inventory (the one containing creatures and traps) will be emptied as well. You will re-create your castle during the in-game tutorial.

Your Gold and Life Force amounts will be brought back to 0.

All of the Blings you have won in-game will not be brought back. However, Blings that were purchased will be restored (please see below for how changes will affect players who have purchased Blings or Packs).

As mentioned above, your Crowns are brought back to 0.

Your Friend List and Account Information, Username, etc., stay unchanged.





All of the above, plus:

All your purchased Blings (spent and unspent) will be brought back to their original value. For example: If you purchased a 500 Blings pack, and spent 140 of them, the original number of 500 Blings will be returned to you.

All your Double O Pack or Club related content will be returned to your inventory (including creatures, weapons and themes).


All purchased Castle Themes (except the ones included in Double O Packs or given through the Double O Club) will not be restored, you will need to purchase them again with the reimbursed Blings.






If you have won a Beta Key or a Double O Pack during a Community Event (Open House, Festival of Taking, Key Giveaways, etc.), you will get your access to the game and the content of the related Pack back.

If you have been gifted Blings or Boosts during a Community Event, they will not be restored.






You will all be granted 15 Boosts (5 XP, 5 Gold and 5 Life Force boosts), so that you can level-up to where you were before the reset as quickly as possible.

Please note that thanks to your feedback, we have worked to ease Hero progression, removing the Hero Trainer entirely to make leveling up smoother. But we will cover that in an upcoming update!





We have no plans to do another reset at this time, but while we are still in Beta, implementing new features may force us to reset progression again. We will obviously do everything we can to avoid that.

We will reset Crowns and Leaderboards regularly to kick off new competition rounds between players. We will provide you more information about that in a future update.


We realize that this is something we never announced, and we have tried our best to avoid this situation. It is only very recently that we have been pushed to decide to conduct this reset. But for all the reasons stated above (and in the dedicated Open Creation news), we hope you understand that this reset is for the betterment of the game.


What’s next?


We will hold two live Twitch events thisThursday on our Official Twitch Channel from 19.30 to 20.30 GMT in French and  20.30 to 21.30 GMT (3.30pm to 4.30pm EST) in English .


The French Twitch stream will feature Arnaud Jamin, Game Director, and the English Twitch stream will feature Sean Crooks, Associate Producer, and Hervé Sliwa, Creative Director.


Please go to our forums to submit all the questions you would like us to answer during the Twitch streams, both concerning the Reset and the Open Creation Mode:


Forums Mighty Quest


Thanks, and see you on Twitch very soon! 

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Scrollwing | February 06, 2014 20:51 | Report

I'm actually really excited for this reset. So many things have changed since the beginning of my Let's Play, that I can no longer have the experience that natural evolution of a castle. I'm very excited for all of it. Can't wait to breath some new life into my Youtube series with this.

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guest-KFsjxLGy | February 06, 2014 17:50 | Report

The best thing we can do at the reset are, everyone build derpfarms and / or chickenfarms so we can lvl up again fast!!! :P

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Paulina_Reborn | February 06, 2014 17:24 | Report

This is fantastic news and I could not be more excited. Having played many closed betas, I was not at all surprised by the reset and am surprised to see the reaction some folks are taking. Kudos to Ubisoft for listening to our feedback and trying to make this game into a smashing success!

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Gazza123456 | February 06, 2014 16:23 | Report

Having experienced the free creation mode i understand why they HAVE to reset the game. For anyone who still wants to play this game it should not be a problem. I still love the game and will continue to play even though my maxed out castle will be reset. This however does not change the fact that it was quite clearly stated there would be no server wipe and for anyone who may have based there decision to buy into this game i think that if they want it then they should be able to get a full refund.

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guest-3sWs1NXn | February 06, 2014 15:02 | Report

why a reset!? why cant you guys just update this game and let our stuff on our accounts?

And why did WE ALL buy this game!? for playing Closed Beta and getting resetet?

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Rezna- | February 06, 2014 14:28 | Report

My Castle is completely maxed. And all 3 Hero's as well. When they said they weren't going to wipe the servers before open beta and live I gasped in disbelief and was one of the 1's arguing the strongest that it's a bad idea to create such an imbalance before the game even gets played.

So what if they wipe everything. What did you have to do at the max level's? Most likely the same as me, jack squat. My Castle sat abandoned, not even collecting mines because everything was fully upgraded. No one ever attacked me even though I had max gold and life force. The end level of the game was dead and only more content will fix that.

Wiping makes the game more balanced though why they are letting use start before the open beta I really don't know... fixing the imbalance only to immediately break it again is absurd. I can only think that there is a real plan to wipe again just before the live version. The game will change so much that they will probably have to I'm sure. =)

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kickmaster1993 | February 06, 2014 13:58 | Report

I would hope with the launch of the wipe a detailed list of changes + castle explanations (such as leveling mechanism) would be released to assist in this transition and everything works on release.

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guest-WKYeO0fp | February 06, 2014 11:51 | Report

I can understand wiping our castles, but why are they resetting our heroes, there were no major changes done to heroes that would warrant a wipe of them,

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Zwieno | February 06, 2014 11:43 | Report

Just remembered that you also replied to a post from me during the free mage week:

The progress will be saved, so that you can pick him up again at anytime in the future if you purchase his Double O Pack or when we will be in Open Beta :-)

Guess this was another lie. Kinda hard to trust this team now

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Mr_Bonesovich | February 06, 2014 10:39 | Report

Although I don´t mind the reset that much, I´m curious why it isn´t possible to reset just the castles. They are the things that are getting changed the most right? You could just wipe the castle and leave everything else, unless there are big changes to other things. Only problem with this idea is Gold and LF, as resetting castle means resetting chest capacity, but I believe even that could be worked around for the sake of letting people keep their resources.