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[Open Beta] Update 1 - Open Creation

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Hello Opulencians,

We hope our Open Beta date announcement last week got you all excited, because we in the studio sure are pumped.

This is the first weekly Open Beta update of many to come on our “Road to Open Beta”, where we will update you all on the progress we have made and present you our new features and where we are headed on all fronts.


Road to Open Beta 1


In today’s edition, we will talk about the much awaited Open Creation Defense Mode, with more details as to what will change and how it will affect your experience!



Open Creation


One of the biggest new features to be introduced to the game for Open Beta is our new Defense Mode, the aptly named Open Creation!



At the end of 2013, we were getting a lot of feedback from you guys on the forums and social channels about our Defense Mode. Strict restrictions on creatures and traps setups were causing redundancy and strong limitations in the types of defenses encountered when attacking a player created castle. Balancing was becoming increasingly difficult and exploits were being exploited.

So we decided to set off on our own quest to create a new, more flexible and exciting Defense Mode. Open Creation was underway. What helped shape our direction at that point was looking at some of the pretty crazy stuff you guys had already created in-game, even under the current defense constraints.




We quickly decided that defense needed to be reimagined to allow players to create more customized setups. We worked to minimize barriers on your creativity, and let your imagination become the only limit. Traps can now be placed in higher numbers and much closer than before. Creatures can also be placed and linked more freely and in larger numbers, allowing you to take full control of how your castle's defense is set up. 


Creatures now have a much more developed AI, as they become vulnerable to their own castle’s defense. A Snotter won’t be able to “snot” at you with complete impunity while standing right next to a Rotating Cannon trap anymore. At least, not without noticeable third degree burns! Creatures learn to avoid Traps, and to flee to regenerate themselves when given the opportunity. 


Creatures AI



We said earlier that your imagination would become the only limit, but that’s not entirely true. Your looting and fighting skills will be the final test of your castle's defense. Indeed, to make sure all castles are beatable and balanced, you will now have to validate your castle by defeating it with your own hero!

Because we want the game to be as balanced as possible, we have completely reworked the way you level up your castle and machineries. Your castle’s level is now defined by your Castle Heart, which you will be required to upgrade more frequently (and at a lesser cost, of course). Another new feature is that Mines will be lootable too, which we will cover in the next update!



We have been testing these new features a lot on our Test Server thanks to our Double O Club members. But that doesn’t mean that the Open Creation mode will not evolve in the near future. As the “Beta” in “Open Beta” still suggests, we will keep upgrading and tweaking this system a lot in our following updates, and for this, your feedback will still be as important as ever!


And again, we would like to thank all of you for all the help and feedback you have given us so far. Let’s even go for the cheesy-yet-so-true “without you, none of this could have been possible!” 



More details?



We know some of you like us to be very specific with our new features. Well, here is the list of what exactly is changing with the Open Creation :






          - Creatures restriction zones for creatures placement have been removed


          - Creatures have now a line of sight, and their own aggro propagation radius

                    - Aggro Range: 6.3m

                    - Aggro Propagation: 4m

                    - Creatures aggro propagation radius can be edited using ALT + mouse

                    - Boss specific zone is now extended to the entire boss room

          - Combat dynamic


                    - Attack Ticket System (not all Creatures attack you at the same time)

                              - From castle level 1 to 10

                                        - Max Defense Points attacking: 20

                                        - Max Defense Points attacking in the Boss Room: 36

                              - From castle level 11 to 20

                                        - Max Defense Points attacking: 24

                                        - Max Defense Points attacking in the Boss Room: 43

                              - From castle level 21 to 30

                                        - Max Defense Points attacking: 28

                                        - Max Defense Points attacking in the Boss Room: 50

                    - Creatures get damaged by Traps
                    - Creatures have a developed Artificial Intelligence to avoid Traps
                    - Creatures Regen System

          - Most creatures have a different footprint size

                    - Grunts: 1x1

                    - Captains: 2x2

                    - Elites: 3x3

                    - Bosses: 5x5

          - Creatures stats have been updated




          - Traps exclusion zones have been removed

          - Traps need to be powered by a Trap Generator to be active.
                    - Connections between Traps and Generators can be edited using ALT + mouse

          - Most Traps have a different footprint size

          - Traps stats have been updated

          - Glue, explosive and poisonous mines fields have been removed

                    - They can now be placed one by one


          - Detailed changes:


                    - Trap Generator:
                               - Cost : 2 Defense Points
                               - Power : 10 Defense Points
                               - Power Area : 20m
                               - Footprint : 4x4


                    - Fire and Glue Mines:
                               - Cost: 1 DP
                               - Footprint: 1x1

                    - Spike Trap:
                               - Cost: 2 DPs
                               - Footprint: 8x8 (same as before)


                    - Rotating Cannon I:
                               - 1 Cannon
                               - Cost : 2 DPs
                               - Footprint : 4x4

                    - Rotating Cannon II:
                               - 2 Cannons
                               - Cost : 4 DPs
                               - Footprint : 4x4

                    - Rotating Cannon III:
                               - 3 Cannons
                               - Cost : 5 DPs
                               - Footprint : 4x4

                    - Haunted Gramophone:
                               - Cost : 4 DPs
                               - Footprint : 2x2

                    - Balistic Cannon:
                               - Cost : 3 DPs
                               - Footprint : 2x2

                    - Hamster Wheel:
                               - Cost : 3 DPs
                               - Footprint : 10x1

                    - Spring Trap :
                               - Cost : 3 DPs
                               - Footprint : 2x2

                    - Gelatinous Wall:
                               - Cost : 3 DPs
                               - Footprint : 3x6 (same as before)




          - Castle entrance outside area size has been increased

          - Gold and life force Mines have a different footprint size and yield

          - Gold and life force Mines are now breakable and lootable


What’s next?



We will hold three live Twitch events next Thursday on our Official Twitch Channel from 19.30 to 20.30 GMT in French and 20.30 to 21.30 GMT (3.30pm to 4.30pm) in English .


The French Twitch stream will feature Arnaud Jamin, Game Director, and the English Twitch stream will feature Sean Crooks, Associate Producer, and Hervé Sliwa, Creative Director.

Please go to our forums to submit all the questions you would like us to answer during the Twitch streams, both concerning the Reset and the Open Creation Mode:



Forums Mighty Quest

That concludes this first Open Beta Update, and we are very excited by all the other new features we are going to present to you guys!

Thanks and see you all very soon fore more!

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