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[Open Beta] Update 2 - Pre-Open Beta Pack

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 Open Beta Update 2



Dear Opulencians,


Tomorrow, we will be releasing our Pre-Open Beta Pack, the one that contains pretty much all of the features we wanted to launch at Open Beta, including the Open Creation. “Pretty much all the features” you say? Yup, there will be more coming on the 25th, but we will talk about that next week.


Today, we will be focusing on what will be in your hands tomorrow. And believe us, it’s already quite the handful.


But before we get to it, we have an important announcement: tomorrow we will hold two Twitch livestreams (all details below) during which we will reveal additional very important changes brought to the game with this new Pack. Do not miss it!



Lootable Mines



We started talking about it last week: Mines will become lootable in your Castle Defense! Your Treasure Room will not be the only thing you will need to protect anymore, as dents in your resources could become much greater if you don’t pay attention to your Mines!


Lootable Mines


Already dreaming of setting up infernal labyrinths and Creatures-filled cul-de-sacs to protect your beloved Mines? Be careful! You will need to loot all your Mines in order to validate your castle, so you will have to make it as hard as YOU can bear it! Every time a Mine is looted, it will release a percentage of its Production per Hour, which is dependent on the difference between the Attacker’s and the Castle’s level. After being looted, mines will be shielded for an hour, so you won’t lose everything if you have to visit Grandma! (That is, if Grandma doesn’t have Wi-Fi, obviously).


The Mines' Capacity and Production Rates have been updated to reflect these changes, the detailed information will be provided in tomorrow's Patch Notes.



New Victory Conditions



The Timer has always been a subject of strong debate amongst our community, and it has evolved accordingly. Beating the timer set by the Defender when validating their Castle is now only one of the three Victory Conditions/Stars in the Attack Mode, with the other two being:

          - 1 Star for reaching the storage room without dying.
          - 1 Star for destroying all the Gold and Life Force Mines.
          - 1 Star for beating the Timer.

Obviously, all Stars will be lost if the attacker dies.


Victory Conditions


These stars will have an impact on the rewards you will get:

          - 1 Star will give you 20% of the maximum amount of Crowns you can steal from the Defender’s Treasure Room
          - 2 Stars will give you 50% of the maximum amount of Crowns you can steal from the Defender’s Treasure Room
          - 3 Stars will give you 100% of the maximum amount of Crowns you can steal from the Defender’s Treasure Room

The loot you get from Mines or Creatures during the attack or in the Treasure Room is not affected by the number of Stars you get.






With this new Pack, we are also introducing our brand new League system to the game!

The rule is really simple: as you earn Crowns in your progression, you will become part of a certain League. On a regular basis (still to be determined, will be daily on the 11th but we might change it in the future) , the people in a League that score the most Crowns will be rewarded in Blings, and be promoted to the upper League or Sub-League. The ones that score enough Crowns to stay at their level will also be rewarded with Blings. The ones that scored the least Crowns will be demoted.






Here below is the detail of each League:


          - Minion
                    - Minimum Crowns to qualify: 200
                    - Crowns’ range :
                              - Minion III: 200 – 399
                              - Minion II: 400 – 599
                              - Minion I: 600 – 799


          - Grunt
                    - Crowns’ range :

                              - Grunt III: 800 – 999
                              - Grunt II: 1000 – 1199
                              - Grunt I: 1200 – 1399

          - Captain
                    - Crowns’ range :

                              - Captain III: 1400 – 1599
                              - Captain II: 1600 – 1799
                              - Captain I: 1800 – 1999

          - Elite
                    - Crowns’ range :
                              - Elite III: 2000 – 2199
                              - Elite II: 2200 – 2399
                              - Elite I: 2400 – 2599


          - Boss
                    - Crowns’ range : 2600+


Exact rewards’ amounts are still being determined at the moment.

The way Crowns are amassed has also been modified to accompany this new system, and is now more fair and reliable. The Crown gains will be based on the difference between the Hero’s and the Castle’s levels, as well as the difference between the Attacker’s and Defender’s number of Crowns.



What’s Next?



We will hold two live Twitch events tomorrow on our Official Twitch Channel from 18h30 to 19h30 CET in French and 20h00 to 21h00 GMT in English (2 to 3pm EST).

There will be a huge reveal on more changes brought to the game that are not covered here, so we strongly suggest you do not miss it!


The French Twitch stream will feature Arnaud Jamin, Game Director, while the English Twitch stream will feature Sean Crooks, Associate Producer, and Hervé Sliwa, Creative Director.


Please go to our forums to submit all the questions you would like us to answer during the Twitch streams concerning all these new Features and the Pre-Open Beta Pack:






See you tomorrow on Twitch!

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SUCMYCHICKEN45 | March 03, 2014 23:29 | Report

mac version

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guest-OXtQIlD5 | February 16, 2014 17:50 | Report

how can i get this game code ?
i want this awesome game

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Pawtoen | February 13, 2014 09:02 | Report

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Why new udpate The Pre-Open Beta Pack ! Problem is virus by F-secure

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MIGHTY931181 | February 13, 2014 05:47 | Report

can anyone give me beta key please? My Email is cutegabb15@gmail.com. thanks in advance!

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Rawex | February 11, 2014 14:50 | Report

Same here, been waiting since 07:00 ^^ lets get this patch going already ;D

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Hitman.89 | February 11, 2014 13:44 | Report

when will the reset happen and when will these new features be introduced?
is there a precise time?
it's already 3 pm and i'm getting impatient :D

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Nandotheknight | February 10, 2014 23:49 | Report

Is Open Beta Free?

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jqud | February 10, 2014 23:29 | Report

beta has been great and when i got my acception email it was so cool when it was in closed. These new updates are awesome because with the progress reset everybody will be the same level. overall this game is great and im excited to see what will be done with it.

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Dev_llot | February 10, 2014 21:23 | Report

Can't wait!

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Hephesto02 | February 10, 2014 20:05 | Report

Co-OP!?!?!? Guild Castles????