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[Open Beta] Update 3 - New Monetization + FAQ 2

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Open Beta Update 3



Dear Opulencians,

On Tuesday we were once again joined by our dear development team on Twitch. We laughed, we cried, we played with puppets made out of stickers, and in the end we divulged a ton of information for you guys, including two new announcements regarding Hero Progression and our Monetization strategy.

If you haven’t done so yet (and if you haven’t, where have you been?!) you should check out the Patch Notes we released with yesterday’s update. It gives a lot of those itty bitty details that we know you’re just dying to know.

Need more love? You can also check out the recap of our stream:






And for those of you who like to read, please find below the details of what we announced during those Twitch Livestreams.



New Hero Progression



Following feedback we were getting on the forums and social channels, we have decided to review and rethink the entire process of levelling up for your Heroes in-game. Before, you had to gather enough XP to fill up your bar, go to your Castle, and finally pay for your Hero to level up. If your Hero Trainer's level was too low, you needed to upgrade it, which could potentially mean upgrading your Castle Heart and therefore your Gold and Life Force chests. This generated pacing issues that could be frustrating, especially when needed to gring with a full XP bar. Well, things are now a whole lot simpler!



Level Up



Gone is the Hero Trainer. And with it, the need to pay for your Heroes to level up. Now, once your XP bar is full, your Hero will immediately level up, right in the middle of an Attack. Your Hero's stats will automatically be updated, its Health will be regenerated, and you will be able to equip your new skill as soon as you finish your current Castle. You do not need to upgrade a specific Machinery to level up anymore, so the only obstacles left between you and a higher level are your skills and all the Creatures waiting to be decimated!


We have also devised a new system to create a better connection between your Hero and your Castle. Indeed, the closer your Hero is to the level of your Castle's, the faster he will be able to gain additional XP. For instance, if your Hero and your Castle have the same level, your Hero will have a 30% XP Boost. On the other hand, if your Castle is 4 or more levels below your Hero, you will get a -10% XP penalty. Here below is the summary:



XP Boost



New Monetization



Through our game, we have always wanted to provide our players with the best experience we could offer them, and the topic of Monetization in a (soon to be) open and Free to Play game has in that sense always been extremely important to us. Our wish is to create a long term, trustful relationship with all of our players, which is why we always try to be extremely careful when it comes to monetization. And after much consideration and after getting a lot of feedback from you all, we have decided to apply some rather major changes to our strategy!





We obviously want to avoid any type of Pay to Win mechanics. We want to have a fair competition between all of our players, paying or not paying. We want our purchasable items to have a clear value, and we want them to bring you happiness, not "less frustration".


For all these reasons, we have first decided to let our players be able to earn Blings in-game, in a very predictable way. Our new League system does exactly that, as by maintaining yourself or by by being one of your League's top players, you will now be able to earn Blings. For more information, you can go to our dedicated News on Leagues, and here below is the detail of the rewards for each League:



Rewards Leagues



Secondly, you will now be able to purchase additional Heroes with Blings. Your first Hero will be free, and you will be able to choose him from the set of already available characters. All existing Heroes will have the same price, and we will keep balancing them to make sure no one is better than the other. And if you were a Closed Beta player before the release of the Pre-Open Beta Pack, you should have gotten all three Heroes unclocked already!



Heroes Blings


Thirdly, we realized that the “Finish Now” system, which was inspired by mobile and social network games, was not the right one for our game. Instead of providing ways to bypass frustrating waiting times, we would rather let you enjoy the game at your own pace, which is why we have decided to remove the "Finish Now" mechanic! You will no longer have to wait for your Machineries or Castle Heart to upgrade, and you will not be limited in the number of simultaneous upgrades you can make: as long as you have got enough Gold and/or Life Force, you are good to go! Here below is the detail of the new upgrades:






We hope you are as excited as we are by these important changes, and we will, as always, monitor closely your reactions to always try to find the best solutions for us all. Now, of course, it wouldn’t be much of a follow-up if we didn’t follow-up on some of the questions you had. So, without further ado…



Lootable Mines



Q. Why the switch to Lootable Mines?

It’s one of the many changes we made to encourage castle exploration, as well as to reinforce the idea of pillaging and looting your neighbors.


Q. How much Loot to people get for breaking our mines?

A. The amount of Gold or Life Force a player receives from breaking Castle is related to the amount of production per hour – not based on the amount of loot currently stored.


Q. What if I can’t play Mighty Quest for a few days? Does that mean all my Gold and Lifeforce will be gone?

A. Nope! Once a mine has been looted, it will be shielded for one hour, preventing others from looting it as well.


Q. When a player breaks a mine, do we have to repair it?


A. No. Mines will automatically repair themselves.



Victory Conditions



 Q. Concerning the Victory Conditions, can we go through a Castle directly without looting any Mines and still earn 2 Stars?


A. Yes, as long as you beat the Attacker’s timer (and don’t die in the process). If you are defeated during your Attack run, you will earn 0 Crowns regardless if you met the other two Victory Conditions (found all the mines + beat the timer)


Q. What happens if a person has zero Mines in their Castle? Does that mean we automatically get a Star?


A. You will be required to have at least 2 Mines in your Castle. And you would be missing a lot by not having more!



Q. Will the Castle be available for Attacks if it's not validated?


A. Yes, as long as it was validated before. If you make changes to your Castle and don't validate, players will be still be able to attack you, but they'll be attacking your last validated castle.



Q. Any other changes about Victory Conditions we should know about?

A. We’re glad you asked! We’ve also tweaked how we calculate the number of Crowns can earn during an Attack:

     - If you have the same number as Crowns as your opponent, you earn up to 20 Crowns for successfully attacking a Castle.
     - If you have fewer Crowns then your opponent, you can earn up to 40 Crowns.

     - We’ve also capped the amount of Crowns you can earn on an Attack run to 40.






Q. How regularly will the Leagues be updated?

A. It will be daily from the release of the Pre-Open Beta pack until Open Beta on the February 25th. We might adjust after that to find the best frequency.


Q. Is it possible to be “demoted”?

A. Yes. If you lose too many Crowns, you may find yourself demoted to a lower League.



Q. Because Leagues and Leaderboards are based on Crowns, will Crowns ever be reset?


A. Yes, but you’ll have to stay tuned for more details…



Hero Progression


Q. What happens if you level up during an Attack? Does that have any effect on the Crowns you get?

A. No. You’ll get the amount of crowns based on the level you were when you entered the castle.


Q. Since you’re removed the Hero Trainer, how will we know when we’ve leveled up?


A. In addition to having a now empty XP Bar, you’ll get a pop-up notification on screen letting you know that you’ve leveled, and your character will be surrounded by a golden light. If you unlock any abilities during a Castle Run, you’ll be notified at the end of your Attack.

Trust us, it’s hard to miss.



Q. Any other changes to Hero Progression?

A. We’re glad you asked! Players will receive an XP Bonus if their Castle is the same level or higher as their Hero. On the flipside, if your Castle is too many below your Hero, you’ll miss out on some XP as well.



Monetization System



Q. Just so we’re perfectly clear – the new system means: No more upgrade timers, no more “Finish Now” options, and no more Work’s Cabin?

A. Yep, that’s right! We wanted to make sure Blings were spent in meaningful ways that had clear value. We made this change based on the amount of feedback we’ve received from players, as well our own desire to make sure players never felt like they were being forced to pay or wait out really long timers.

Of course, we’ve made some adjustments to Castle Progression because of this. For example, your Castle Heart is now tied to your Castle’s Level and will need to be upgraded more frequently.



Q. The new monetization system also means that new players only get one Hero, and you have to purchase the others in Blings?


A. Yes. Your first character is free, and you’ll be able to choose any of the currently available characters when you first start the game. This includes the Knight, the Archer, and the Mage.

If you want additional characters, you’ll be able to purchase them using Blings.



Q. What else we can spend Blings on?

A. Similarly to before, you’ll be able to use Blings to purchase certain cosmetic items, like Castle Themes and Costumes.


You’ll also be able to spend your Blings on certain in-games Boosts for EXP, Gold, Life Force, and Magic Find.



Q. I purchased one of the Double O Packs. Does that mean that I only get the character that I got with the Pack?


A. Nope! If you participated in the Closed Beta, you’ll still have access to all three of the currently available Characters for Open Beta. You’ll have to play through the tutorial first, but then you’ll have all the other characters available once you do so. It’s just one of the ways we plan on thanking our Closed Beta participants for supporting and helping to test our game.






 Q. Are there going to be any more resets before the start of Open Beta?


A. We currently do not plan on needing another reset or wipe of any kind. (outside of Crowns due to Leagues). Of course, as we have learned, it’s impossible to promise that they’ll never, ever, ever be one.


And that's about it for today! See you next week for a new Open Beta Update, and if you have more questions in the meantime, please go to our forums!

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signed up today so i have a couple of questions, how does one get a beta key, and does open beta mean that we don't need a key?

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Please Beta Key gameseroj@mail.ru