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[Open House] May the Final Showdown start!

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The Final Showdown!


Will things ever be the same again? It’s…THE FINAL SHOWDOWN! (Hope you all got that one...)


First things first: Go download the game if you haven't done so already!




Now, second things second. Welcome, beloved looters, to the ultimate, final, concluding, eventual, supreme, and whatever other synonyms of last, OPEN HOUSE! Yup, next big thing coming is the Open Beta… and it’s coming really soon! Just sayin’…




We announced earlier this week that this Open House would allow all players to try out the Mage for free for the duration of the event. Well, it seems the Knight and the Archer weren’t too happy about the Mage’s sudden rise in popularity, and the three of them started quarrelling. Bad stuff was said about other’s moms. Things got messy. And now those three are struck with one question: who is the best of them all?


Luckily, you guys are here to help out! The Final Showdown is going to be the opportunity for you to try out our three heroes and to pick your side! The rules are going to be really simple: the hero with the most points at the end of the event wins, and gets to tell you all a very important message!




Every day you will be able to earn points for your favorite hero to show everyone why he rocks so much. Of course, there’s a counter for you to check out that we will update once every day.


Here are the ways to earn points for your favorite hero (you can click them to get to the appropriate platform directly):


Rules Final Showdown 1


The Daily Contests will be posted on Facebook at 12pm EST, while the Hero Status will be posted on Twitter at 1pm EST. Hashtag voting is still available at all time on Twitter.




But what would a good Open House be without a reward in the end?


Buckle up Opulencians, because were you to reach a total of 100,000 points (across all three heroes), 1,000 Beta Keys will be randomly distributed among players that play the most during the event! The keys will be distributed on Wednesday 29th January. 




Also, we will make a Top 5 of the best Fan Arts/Poems/Videos/Creations that will earn each chosen contestant a Double O Club membership!




The Open House will run until January 27th at 12pm EST. The counter will be updated once every day until then.




Last but not least, we are now announcing that the Double O Packs will no longer be available after the Open Beta!


Now, not only do these Packs give you a great bang for the buck (LOTS of Blings, exclusive skins, and much more), they also grant you a Double O Club membership which gives you access to even more bonuses! And an everlasting VIP status… Check it out!




And we are glad to announce that for the duration of the event, all Double O Packs are 33% off! Don’t miss out on the great content, you won’t be able to get it once the Open Beta has started…




How do I get to play the Mage?


If this is your first time playing the game, you need to finish the Tutorial with either the Knight or the Archer. Once you beat Count Snottingham, a pop up will invite you to play the Mage. If you have already completed the Tutorial (as a Closed Beta player or as a previous Open House player), you will be able to select him directly at the top of his screen.


Will my progress during the Open House be saved?


Everything that you do during the Open House will be saved. Next time you play the game, you can pick it up exactly where you left off! Following the Open House, if you do not have the Mage but decide to purchase his Double O Pack (or to wait until Open Beta), he will be at the exact same level!


Will the Double O Packs' content still be valid after Open Beta ?


Of course, once you get it, it's yours forever! You will get to swim in your sea of exclusive content even after Open Beta!


Does attacking my own castle count in the In-Game stats? How about attacking my friends?


Attacking your own castle does not add point for any hero, however attacking your friends will...


Now get to it, fellow looters, and good luck!

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guest-hUDzQAB0 | January 27, 2014 04:27 | Report

I being MIGHTY news, I discover I had a second beta key code and I will be typing it so all of you can read a scramble to enter it first, so try if you dare to enter it first but beware only one will get it and I have not came up with another sentence to delay you all eeeeeeevvvveeeeennnnn longer not here is the code in 30... 29.. 28.. Getting bored... 3,2,1 BOOM the code you all have been waiting for is now in a completely diffence comment section Mah hahahahaha!!!!!!! Just kidding it is down there somewhere


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v0lx | January 26, 2014 16:20 | Report

The support is not responding at all, and it has been 3 days now, since the last comment from them.

I thought they are supposed to respond back with in 24h....

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caophat1982 | January 26, 2014 02:31 | Report

right is very good game

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guest-ayE0g3Hn | January 25, 2014 19:00 | Report

This is a very fun game, one of the best i have played yet!

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LordAgreian | January 25, 2014 16:06 | Report

The servers aren't running, haven't been since I downloaded the game. What's going on?

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guest-X0jI1SHm | January 25, 2014 11:46 | Report

This is so cool

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d0RK78 | January 24, 2014 14:07 | Report

i bought the 27 euro pack and havnt seen any of it ingame, just on my account page, wich kinda blow balls.

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Ubi-Lhainiev | January 23, 2014 19:34 | Report

Hi Volx,

Sorry to hear you can't launch your game! Have you created a ticket by chance?

If not, please do so here: https://www.themightyquest.com/en/cs_tickets/new

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v0lx | January 23, 2014 18:48 | Report

This is AWESOME!

I like the idea for this competition, for the points!

But, I still can not play it, at all.

I hope my problem gets fixed, I really like the concept for this game.

5th or so, day with out playing.