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[Patch] Development Update

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Dev Update



Good day Opulencians!


Today we have published a new Patch for the game that addresses several bugs you have found during the past few days in Opulencia.


You can find the detailed Patch Notes below!



Patch Notes



      - Bugs

              - Fixed the “Sir Painhammer suggests you don't run the game from within a VM” bug

              - Fixed a bug that caused Shielded Castles to appear in the Castle Selection screen



      - UI

              - Removed Pets gameplay options in the Settings until full feature is released
              - Fixed icons for World Leaders’ rewards (gold instead of Blings)



Known Issues



Our player base has grown exponentially since we transitioned to Open Beta, and you have all provided us with very important feedback and submitted bugs and exploits on our Forums, on Steam or through Customer Support  Tickets. We are taking into account all of your reports, and wanted to show you the issues that have priority for us, what are the potential current workarounds for them,and how we intend to tackle them in the future.






Some of our users have been encountering an Authentication error when trying to launch the game. We have identified several behaviors that may trigger that error:


             - If you changed your email on Uplay

                    - A current workaround is to change your email back to the previous one

                    - If you keep encountering this error after having changed your email back,

                         please create a ticket


            - If you changed your data on Uplay (username, language, password…)
                     - A current workaround is also to change said data back to their previous values
                     - If you keep encountering this error after changing the data back, please create a


            - If you are being asked for a Beta Code when logging in
                     - Please create a Ticket, we are still investigating the issue

            - If you had registered yourself during our Closed Beta but never played the game until

                 Open Beta
                      - Please create a Ticket, we are still investigating the issue

            - If you are playing the game from Steam
                      - Please create a Ticket, we are still investigating the issue

Our team is investigating to find out what exactly generates these errors in order for us to fix them as soon as possible.






Some of our users are unable to launch the game and are getting the message “Your system does not meet the Minimum Requirements to run the game”.


The game should be able to run on all PC configurations from a medium-range laptop and up. However, it requires your drivers to be up-to-date, and the majority of users that have encountered this message have been able to fix it by updating their drivers. Without updated drivers, the game simply couldn’t run even with advanced graphics card or other high-end configurations.


Users encountering this error should therefore check if their drivers are updated properly. ATI/AMD video card owners should especially check the following link to see if they have the latest drivers installed properly: http://support.amd.com/en-us/download


If you keep encountering Minimum Requirements errors despite meeting the base requirements, please create a ticket.




Some of our users have encountered issues in our Tutorial. Here are the three behaviours we have identified:


        - During the Mines placement, you have moved a Room and rendered your Castle invalid

             without being able to fix it
        - By purchasing too many Castle Heart upgrades or Creatures, you have emptied your

             Life Force chests and cannot purchase more Creatures/Traps
        - During Creature placement, you have maxed your Castle’s Defense Points and are

             unable to put down the Trap Generator


If you happen to be in one of these situations, please create a ticket. We will unlock your account manually while we fix the root cause. If you want more information, click here!

Some users have also stated that they were locked in the Tutorial because they didn’t have any clear objectives to attain anymore. It is simply because you need to level up to level 4 to kill Count Snottingham to get to the next step!


If you encounter any other issue with the Tutorial, please let us know in the forums!




Some of our users have found an exploit to keep their Castle from being attackable. We have found the issue and started solving it manually with existing users. It will be fixed definitely in one of our next Patches.





Some of our users have difficulties equipping/removing certain pieces of Gear, such as the 2nd Ring. Tooltips also sometime fail to appear while hovering the mouse over an item. This is being tackled as we speak and will be fixed in our next patch.


Some of our users are also experiencing UI lags after playing for a certain amount of time, or after following a set of steps in the game. This is a rather large issue that we will keep working on in the future. Fixes will regularly come to enhance the situation, and everything will be fixed once we ultimately integrate a new User Interface system in the game.



Next Steps



We will keep working on the Known Issues stated above and make them our priorities in the coming days and weeks. We will also try our best to roll out regular small Patches to fix them.


But that’s not all! We are working very hard to keep improving your experience and adventure in Opulencia, which is why in the coming weeks we will tackle the following:






Ever since the introduction of Open Creation, we have been aware of Balancing issues concerning our different Heroes, Creatures and Traps.

Until now, we have focused on tweaking the foundation of the Open Creation Defense Mode. A lot still needs to be done on that front, however we have now reached a point in its development that will allow us to do some serious balancing!



Starting with next week’s Patch, we will start tweaking the balancing for a lot of things:
        - Creatures (yes, some will be buffed!)
        - Traps
        - Heroes
        - Defense Points allocated at each level (they will be increased too!)


These balancing tweaks will resolve some issues we had with diversity, as players would tend to overuse certain Creatures or Traps combination. They should also help with the Creatures Grouping issues we see at the moment.


With you recurrent feedback, we will try to iterate regularly to find the perfect balance for the game!






We are aware of this issue, and have already implemented a time limit: 15 minutes after having attacked a Castle for the first time (which is roughly equal to 3 Attacks), an Attacker will lose Crowns again if they get killed in it.


We will also be implementing a Diminishing Return system for repeated and high level attackers. We are still working on it at the moment, and will introduce it to the game in one of our upcoming Packs.






Some of our users have been asking for the possibility to rebind their Keys, and some of you have even gone as far as tweaking our game files directly to do so! 


We're adding the support for key binding settings and reset in our diagnostic tool in an upcoming Patch, which will be a workaround until we implement the proper in-game implementation in a future update.






This is something we are also working on and that will be implemented in one of our upcoming Packs.






As stated before, we are working on a Spawning System for Creatures to complement the Attack Ticket system. We are also studying the possibility to link it to a leashing system.


We want to prevent major Creatures grouping and Castle-long kiting, and will keep these objectives in mind while working on this new system!






Some of our users have been proposing interesting solutions to enhance our current Looting system. We will definitely keep working on it and will keep you updated on the way :)



That’s pretty much all for now! Don’t hesitate leaving a comment if you think we have forgotten something important. We will try to update you all as regularly as possible on all of the topics covered today!


Thanks again for all of your feedback and dedication (keep it up!), let’s keep on building Opulencia to make it the best kingdom ever!

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iDroguri | March 16, 2014 16:19 | Report


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guest-L19fmfML | March 12, 2014 20:13 | Report

oooooooooooooo like ooooooo

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erebus2075 | March 12, 2014 16:15 | Report


As stated before, we are working on a Spawning System for Creatures to complement the Attack Ticket system. We are also studying the possibility to link it to a leashing system.

We want to prevent major Creatures grouping and Castle-long kiting, and will keep these objectives in mind while working on this new system!"""

seriously you need to scream this out so loud that every one know that this is what you are planning! becouse it would be fcking AMAZING!!!
a spawning system combined with a leashing system preventing people from pulling your mobs out of the area you want them and preventing people from spawning more then you intended (more then mechanics intended) would be amazing!!!

(ofc we still need the creature rebalancing, we need something that will kill knights, zekes right now OWN anything but knights, we need something to hardcounter knights... and more importent we need rebalancing of all normal and elites so there is a reason to use normal

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Sandwisp | March 12, 2014 15:12 | Report

I would really appreciate if they would be faster about these things.

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Alasdair10 | March 10, 2014 00:47 | Report

I think an incredibly annoying exploit that should be fixed is one I see with archers and mages mostly where the attacker walks through your castle door and then begins to break all of your creatures agro and starts to lure them out in small easy to kill groups into the starting area where you of course cant place any traps or creatures so they can just keep doing this until your castle is beaten and this is very annoying because regardless of how good your defence is this tactic will almost always result in having your castle made a joke of. an easy solution to this annoying and overused exploit is to simply force the attacker inside and then have the gate close behind them locking them off from the starting area and stopping them using this exploit

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guest-nGoOBHJi | March 09, 2014 21:08 | Report

If you could fix the thing where your hero gets stuck trying to leave the castle. That would be fantastic.

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algiukas111 | March 08, 2014 21:26 | Report

you might be adding many great things but ur keep forgeting 1 most important thing this game needs... TRADING SYSTEM (personal only) no uctions or something like that... just the simple personal trading system between FRIENDS.

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QuadraticAdam | March 06, 2014 02:18 | Report

How to Solve Kiting:

1. Make all three stars timer based.
2. Make the treasure room loot star based.
3. ???
4. Profit!

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Spocy | March 05, 2014 17:26 | Report

Please also consider a button to force movement over attacking.
With all the getting stuck in walls and monsters randomly getting stuck it is already annoying enough, let alone constantly getting stuck in your movement because you cant force your movement causing zekes to be way more effective than they should be at the moment.

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mrbull000 | March 05, 2014 15:57 | Report

PRACTICE MODE : practice mode needs a serious cool down.. I have many people just practice constantly but this particular person did 73 practice shots constantly until he didn't die is 74th try was for real and he knocked me 40 crowns , he had maybe 10.. it's just dumb he didn't have anything to loose to begin with and he practice until he could master every damn Square feet in each rooms.. lol

SHIELD: I think those shields could be lowered to 8 or 6 hours

TIMER'S ON ALREADY ATTACKED CASTLE: so I attacked a castle yesterday and made 3 stars.. 5 crowns , the castle was Already Shielded , 6 hours after it's not shielded anymore but my 3 stars are still there and wont go away for how long? to me it looks like 24 hours before I can actually attack this guy for is crowns again.. a TIMER would be nice I have no idea when all these castle's I attacked will be vulnerable to attack again ( FORE crowns ) not loot .... the loot is simple , shield down u can attack , but you don't gain cr