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[Patch] Development Update 2 - Authentication Bugs

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Greetings Opulencians, 


We've just pushed a new patch (seamlessly, that's why you haven't seen any maintenance), and this is what we fixed: 


Patch Notes


      - The Authentication Errors for players that registered during the Closed Beta but that didn’t play until the Open Beta

      - The Authentication Errors for people that have changed their email or personal information on Uplay.

      - We have good leads on the Authentication Errors linked to Steam, and will give you more news as soon as we can. 



Top Priority / Coming Very Soon: 






Some of our users have encountered issues in our Tutorial. Here are the three behaviours we have identified:

                 - During the Mines placement, you have moved a Room and rendered your Castle invalid without being able to fix it
                 - By purchasing too many Castle Heart upgrades or Creatures, you have emptied your Life Force chests and cannot purchase more Creatures/Traps
                 - During Creature placement, you have maxed your Castle’s Defense Points and are unable to put down the Trap Generator 

If you happen to be in one of these situations, please create a ticket. We will unlock your account manually while we fix the root cause. If you want more information on this particular issue, click here!

Some users have also stated that they were locked in the Tutorial because they didn’t have any clear objectives to attain anymore. It is simply because you need to level up to level 4 to kill Count Snottingham to get to the next step!

If you encounter any other issue with the Tutorial, please let us know in the forums!



         - BALANCING


Ever since the introduction of Open Creation, we have been aware of Balancing issues concerning our different Heroes, Creatures and Traps.


Until now, we have focused on tweaking the foundation of the Open Creation Defense Mode. A lot still needs to be done on that front, however we have now reached a point in its development that will allow us to do some serious balancing!

Starting with next week’s Patch, we will start tweaking the balancing for a lot of things:
- Creatures (yes, some will be buffed!)
- Traps
- Heroes
- Defense Points allocated at each level (they will be increased too!)

These balancing tweaks will resolve some issues we had with diversity, as players would tend to overuse certain Creatures or Trap combinations. They should also help with the Creature Grouping issues we see at the moment.

We will try to regularly reiterate to find the perfect balance for the game!



Known Issues



      - Castle Defense Exploit

      - User Interface / Inventory Lag or Bugs

      - Crown Rewards for repeted attacks (implementation of the diminished returns system)

      - Key Bindings

      - More clarity on the attack ticket system


These are our current top priorities. Expect regular updates in the future!



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guest-L9049dcN | March 14, 2014 20:15 | Report


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guest-c0e2FCoH | March 12, 2014 13:49 | Report

Balistic jelly spring mines zeke can be easily dodged with merely a 20% control stats, balistas cant hit u while walking through it and the spring can be avoided until the mines come u use the charge ability

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FireMinesOP | March 10, 2014 18:09 | Report

I was thinking a similar limitation could be used, just without the boosts.

For example, you must have the max number of rooms you can currently have placed (no level 20 castles with only 2 rooms), and for each room you must have at least 50 defense points allocated to it. Defense points at each castle heart rank are going up soon, so depending on how much they go up, 50 probably won't be too much.

This limitation should eliminate the issue with empty castles and a boss room filled with everything, as well as possibly lowering the ability to make the infamous fire mines + spring traps + gel walls + ballistic cannons setups as elaborate and near impossible to get past as they currently are.

I wish the devs would acknowledge their awareness of these issues so we know they are listening. "Castle Defense Exploit" is too vague. Are they referring to the setup many of us have voiced our concerns over, or only spring traps or the fire mine fields specifically, or do they mean Zeke

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MordredofFairy | March 10, 2014 12:14 | Report

I would love to see a system that "Boosts" traps and Creatures in a room, up to a "Room Point Limit".

So the first, say, 40 points of stuff you place in a room would get boosted(e.g. +20% life/attack, +10% resistances). If you place MORE than that, nobody/nothing gets a boost.

Could even go further and add a penalty for placing MORE than a certain amount(e.g. 80 points) in a room. So in that case, things would get weaker(e.g. -20% life/attack, -10% resistances)

People who want to blob, still can, but it would definitely be an incentive to spread out across the castle. Obviously, a sliding system would work best for that but may be hard to optimize.

As a side effect, that would also diminish the effectiveness of the boring ballistic/gel/springboard/mines/gel/zeke combos.

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gianghai1990 | March 10, 2014 07:10 | Report

i cannot update the game :(

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flyinfriend | March 09, 2014 20:29 | Report

Hey! I love this game but please nerf the zekes and the fire mines/ballista cannons and springboard/gel wall combo. Also, more than anything I would love to see a co op mode! Raiding castles with other people would be so much fun!!!

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TheMightyBaSkA | March 09, 2014 20:17 | Report

I just wish some creatures wouldn't stay still unless they are attacked. I thought aggro zone meant that, when a hero stepped on it, the creature would be aggro'd.

Too bad all my creatures stay still unless they're attacked.

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mntzrmosa | March 09, 2014 20:00 | Report


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Nightwolf1993 | March 09, 2014 17:33 | Report

Please add a creature limit per room...

There are so many empty castles with 1 room full of monsters and traps... Or even better, reduce the stats of monsters by % if there are other monsters in the room!

Also most traps and monsters are useless, except Dr. Skulls and Zeke...

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BrithaurPT | March 09, 2014 16:23 | Report

Just nerf the zekes and the mine trap combo thingy, I just stopped having fun playing the game since every castle just has those 2 things. zekes and mines. Also buff Runaway, she is a bit weak compared to the other 3 classes.