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[Patch Notes] New Pack Update

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Last Wednesday, after presenting all the new features we wanted to introduce to the game for Open Beta with our Road to Open Beta Updates, we released our Pre-Open Beta Pack for you to actually try them all out. Open Creation, Lootable Mines, Leagues -  you've only had these features for little more than a week, and yet you have already been able to provide us with very valuable feedback.

As you all now know, these new features and overall changes we brought to the game were pretty massive, and we expected the experience of the game with this patch to be rougher than usual. With this news we want to show you that we are listening to what you are saying, and we already implementing changes to address your concerns. 

Today we have released an update for the Pre-Open Beta Pack. Here is what we are going to tackle:

    - Attack Ticket System

We have updated our Attack Ticket System with new values, and fixed most of the bugs that revolved around it. With this fix, Creatures that are aggro’ed but do not have a Ticket will no longer get close to you. As a result, you will see two groups of Creatures forming during your Attack: those that have a Ticket will approach and attack you, and those that are waiting for a Ticket will try to protect themselves until they can actually attack you. 

If you were to hit one of the Creatures without Ticket, it will get one and will be able to counter-attack. This system works until a certain limit, that we are still defining thanks to your feedback. More details are available in the Patch Notes below. 

Among the bugs we have been fixing for this feature, was the fact that any Creature hurt by a Trap automatically got a Ticket to attack, which isn’t the case anymore. Now, all Creatures with a Ticket will have their red Life Bar displayed above their heads, which is also something we fixed in this Patch.

As a result, you will now see that concentrating all of your Creatures in the same place is not as efficient as it was before, and it will require more strategic thinking to set up a killer defense (or to overcome one)!

    - Crowns

We have rebalanced the way Crowns are earned so that players attacking lower level Castles do not earn as many Crown as before, and they will lose a lot more if the Attack fails. This is something we will continue to tweak depending on the feedback we receive from you.

    - Aggro Rings

Numerous bugs (such as the inverted movements of the ring) have been fixed. Now, affected Creatures display a bolt on top of their heads when they are aggro’ed by a certain circle, making for a more intuitive and clearer feature to use.

    - Shields

Shields being way too short after being Attacked was a bug. That is now fixed.

    - Traps

We should have fixed the bug that was sending Creatures to a side room or that pulled them through a Wall. We have also rebalanced values on some of the Traps, and have introduced a new system.

Now, the first Tier (and only the first!) of the Spring Board, Hamster Wheel and Mines Traps offer slightly more time for the Attacker to react, to help players learn about how these Traps function. Here are the details:

    - Hamster Wheel
        - Longer pause at each end of the rail
    - Springboard
        - Longer delay before the spring board catapults the Hero
    - Mines
        - Longer delay before Mines explode


    - Creatures

We have rebalanced some Minions/Grunts to be stronger. Your feedback will, once again, tell us if we are on the right track.

    - Creatures AI

Support Creatures will now follow other Creatures when aggro’ed, which wasn’t the case before due to a bug. We also have fixed a lot of bugs with the Creature AI system, which should significantly improve your experience.

    - Hero XP Boost

The negative XP bonus is now higher if your Hero is 5 levels or above your Castle’s. This is to reinforce the link between Heroes and their respective Castle.


And if you want more specific details....



Patch Notes





    - XP Boost: Being 5 levels above your Castle Level lowers your XP gains to 75%. Being 6 levels above or more lowers your XP gains to 50%.

     - Rotation of the Hero is faster even when using skills that have a long Preparation time.

         - In some cases the Hero was rotating slowly because he was using the Preparation Time to rotate. Added a value in the ability to define what should be the duration of this rotation (0.1s).
    - Knight

         - Healing Strike:

             - Range increased to 3m

                  - Preparation time slightly reduced to 0.5s
    - Weapons:

             - Icy prison

                  - Buff is now shown as a Debuff

Hero Gear


    - Corrected in-game currency (IGC) prices for some Shoulders
    - Bling gear had their prices reduced
    - Added Weapon’s special effect text on Weapons’ tooltips
    - Fixed bugs on the display of Weapons’ DPS in the tooltips



    - Castle Heart upgrades are only allowed when the max Hero level is the same or higher
    - More Defense Points are given at early levels
    - Fixed estimates for Win Ratio and Castle Difficulty



    - Changed Mines Shield duration from 4 minutes to 1 hour
    - Mines level difference drop ratio adjusted



    - Aggro
             - Increased the Aggro propagation radius
             - Fixed Aggro zone movement bug
             - Added light bolt symbol above Creature's head when in Aggro circle


    - Ticket System

             - Bosses will always have a ticket.

             - Soft & Hard cap values introduced :

                   - Soft Cap: The maximum simultaneous number of creatures receiving a ticket (attacking you) when aggro'ed.

                   - Hard Cap: The maximum number of tickets you can have during an attack. If you attack creatures without a ticket, they will get one even if you reached the soft cap, until you reach the hard cap. 

                   - In short, we have placed a limit on the amount of creatures that will automatically aggro, however if you attack creatures beyond this number they will also aggro until the hard cap is reached. 

                         - Normal rooms: 

                                - Simultaneous Defenders Soft Cap: 20
                                - Simultaneous Defenders Hard Cap: 30

                         - Boss Room:
                                - Simultaneous Defenders Soft Cap: 36
                                - Simultaneous Defenders Hard Cap: 43

                         - Progression:
                                - 10% increase at level 14
                                - 20% increase at level 19
                                - 30% increase at level 24
                                - 40% increase at level 30

             - Smoother increase of Ticket’s amount through the Castle progression
             - HP gauge will now appear when a Creature receives an Attack Ticket

                   - Gauge removed when the Ticket is removed

             - Creatures taking damage from traps do not get a Ticket anymore
             - Better Ticket assignment based on Hero proximity
             - Creature distance to the Hero increased when they don’t have a Ticket
             - Fixed Creatures fail to have a Ticket after the user triggered the Raise the Dead item bonus ability


    - Bosses are immune to Traps


    - Speed boost given to Creatures when they go through traps is not relative to their speed anymore:

            - Slower Creatures get boosted by 50%
            - Very fast creatures receive a progressively lower boost
            - Creatures with a 8 m/s speed or above do not get any boost


   - Derp and Snotter’s values adjusted, they are now stronger
   - Increased Marleybone's placement grid to prevent Trap abuse around him
   - Upgrading a Creature showed incorrect previous Health value when the Health per Level stat changed



    - General

         - Fixed a bug where it was possible to rotate a Trap outside the powering zone with it still being powered
         - Fixed a bug where if a Trap was created before its Trap Generator i would cause it to be unpowered.
         - Adjusted picking shapes for Traps. It was causing an issue with selection in build mode


    - Springboard

        - Adding Tier 2 Trap and made Tier 1 Trap slower


    - Rotating Cannon

        - Moved to Tier 2 Summoning Portal
        - Reduced danger zone radius (used by creatures’ AI)


    - Corrosive Mines

        - Power consumption changed from 3 to 1


    - Spike Trap

        - Tweaked scaling to better fit its 3x3 footprint (it was overlapping with other Traps before)


    - Gelatinous Wall

        - Reduced effect size to match new visual size (3x6)


    - Ballistic Cannon

        - Removed warning delay


    - Hamster Wheel

        - Tweaked delay between rolls


Competition / Leaderboard / Misc


    - Reward type for World Leaders changed to Blings
    - Decreased Amount of Crowns a higher level Attacker can win

    - Fixed a bug where an attack from the Friends List resulted in a normal attack, and not a practice one.  



What’s Next?


We will keep tweaking and enhancing a lot of the features mentioned above. A Spawning system will be put into place for Creatures, and we will introduce Diminishing Returns for Repeat Attackers in the future. There is still a lot to be done, but for now we still need you!

Again, your feedback on the new build of the game is going to be invalubale to us. Please share it on our forums!




And if you have any particular question we would like our Dev’ Team to answer, here is the post to do so.


See you very soon for more!


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1 liked this
Baalvalur | February 21, 2014 16:48 | Report

So when will you fix the problems which make the game unplayable (like constant network errors) which appear since the latest patch?

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1 liked this
jerryslayer | February 21, 2014 16:15 | Report

Had the game crash two times today , log report was sent

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0 liked this
Hitman.89 | February 21, 2014 16:13 | Report

everything works fine except now there are server errors

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0 liked this
Hitman.89 | February 21, 2014 14:46 | Report

the game works fine now, thank you!

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0 liked this
Fortilicious | February 21, 2014 13:38 | Report

Ugh, guys.. those three traps you mentioned were ALREADY easy to avoid! An easy circle step harmlessly triggers the spring board and landmines while the hamster wheels can be passed through easily using the hero's movement ability (knight - charge, mage - electric slide, archer- defensive roll or boost shot). If you placed the hamster wheel across a path, all that was needed was a second's wait at the edge to walk past. With the changes you have proposed, a character should just be able to just walk past them at anytime now! Worthless traps. And now, lower level castles are even MORE impossible to defend.

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1 liked this
ticxu | February 21, 2014 05:45 | Report

Is nice too see that you know what your doing dev.s

You guys add more bugs then you fix 4 days too open Beta good luck this game is going down the black hole

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1 liked this
djohnson2390 | February 21, 2014 03:35 | Report

My game will not start now...

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0 liked this
Dany2125 | February 21, 2014 03:20 | Report

@Hudzqabo: From what I understand, I think the Runaway is going to be released once the game goes full open-beta

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0 liked this
guest-hUDzQAB0 | February 21, 2014 02:54 | Report

Ok so I just signed on first time in a while everything is cool like the new feature( haven't been on since charater reset) but I noticed the runaway stuff but I can't play has her she is probably the violist looking charater in the game I have seen yet ( sry pain hammer) so is she technically in the game but I can't play has her? I didn't see anything about double o member getting her or her even being released so are you guys preparing for her or what, I really love this charater the way she looks so PLEASE UBISOFT, MIGHT QUEST STAFF, SIR PAINHAMMER TELL US MORE!?!?!!!!!!....... Pretty please

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0 liked this
WilliamOwns | February 21, 2014 00:39 | Report

Bit of a problem in my castle. my monsters were pulled out of my boss room, and they were killed without attacking the hero. they just tried to run away while being attacked.