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Patch Notes PACK 15 - 06/07/2013

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The latest update is now available (pack 15). All new features were explainded few hours ealier on Twitch. You can watch the video here : Part 1 & Part 2.


Here’s a detailed list of improvements you’ll find in this update:


• Major Bug Fixes
• Hero & Gear Changes
• Attack Controls
• Creature Changes
• Economic Changes
• New Content & Visuals
• Matchmaking Changes
• Blings



Important Bug Fixes


We fixed gameplay bugs that were used in abusive behaviours :

1. Pathblocking : When a creature is aggro’d, it will now pass through inactive (dormant) creatures to reach its destination.

2. Chain-Linking : The tactic of waking up creatures over an excessive distance has been reduced, so that creatures from very

far away are not aggro’d. The maximum distance is 40 meters, which covers approximately one and a half rooms away.

3. Hamster Wheel : We fixed a bug that would allow Heroes to be chain-stunned by a Hamster Wheel placed too close to a wall. When hit by a hamster wheel, the hero will have a few seconds of stun immunity.

4. Hero Tombstone : Friends could create massive amounts of tombstones in one another’s castle to farm gold. We’ve changed the rules that will generate a tombstone so that only “normal attacks” using matchmaking rules (from the attack selection screen) would generate a tombstone on death.

5. Challenge Farming : Friends could create challenges to farm Gold and Life Force from the treasure chest at the end of a castle. In challenges, the treasure chests are now always locked.

Hero & Gear Changes

• Blacksmith Gear : The gear quality in the Blacksmith has been reduced from Legendary to Exceptional
• Hero Skills : Some Skills have been tweaked on the Knight, Archer and Mage based on your feedback.
• Sapphire Ring : Changed the critical damage from +80% to +8%, as it was originally intended.

Attack Controls

We’ve made changes to the Attack Controls, mostly to avoid “Missed Clicks”. This is the first part in a series of adjustments that will come over time.

- Increased the hit box of small creatures where it was excessively small.
- Reduced speed of fast fleeing creatures.
- Adjusted the weapon attack animations to be more forgiving to player input. During the start of an attack, the action cannot be canceled by moving away. During the end of the attack, you can interrupt the recovery to move away.

Creature Changes

All creatures have received modifications following your feedback. These changes range from mild stat adjustments to changes in creature behaviours. Find a complete list of the changes here

- Reduced the placement footprint of some medium sized creatures so they can now squeeze into corridors. The Defendotron, Hungerbot and Cyclops are affected by this change.

Economic Changes

- Drop Rates : We’ve more than doubled the drop rates of Life Force and Gold from creatures.
- Mines : Production of resources has also been increased to 2X.
- The cost of upgrading Mines has been reduced by 90%.
- Cost of creatures after being upgraded has been reduced so that their price at level 1 is still their price at level 30.
- However we have increased the price of upgrading a creature in the Research Lab.
- Blacksmith Exceptional gear now cost half the price of the previous Legendary gear.


- We’ve changed the way locked content appears in each machinery, to better tease the benefit of upgrading the machinery and unlocking that new content.
- We’ve added alerts when machineries should be upgraded or an action needs to be taken. For example, when your Gold storage is full, an icon will appear on the HUD as a shortcut to upgrade your Gold Storage.
- We’ve added a Boost category to the Potion Brewery. In this category you’ll find consumables for sale.
- We’ve added tooltips to help identify machineries in your castle.

New Content & Visuals

- Two new creatures have been added to your Summoning Portal. Captain Clubbage level 20 boss, and Mega Mutton level 22 Elite.
- We’ve updated all the icons in the game, from hero gear to creatures and traps. The new icons represent more closely what the item will look like on your hero.
- We’ve revamped the Objectives popups.
- We’ve made changes to the gear quality colors. Legendary gear is now Orange, and Epic gear is now Purple. 


- XP Boost : We’ve added a new consumable to the Potion Brewery, which temporarily boosts the amount of XP your hero earns.


Matchmaking Changes

We wanted to give you more control over the castles you attack while still adhering to the game’s matchmaking rules. To that extent, we’ve added a way for you to ask the server to fetch a new selection of castles to attack. So for example, if you don’t like the selection of castles you see for whatever the reason, you can toss them out and get new ones. This button is labeled “More Castles” and using it will cost a small amount of gold coins, which increases depending on the region you’re visiting. Since this puts an additional load on our servers, we’ve put a gold cost on this button to avoid spamming the server.



We’ve changed how purchasing items works with Blings. You’ll no longer see Blings prices for items which are offered in either Gold or Life Force (in-game currency). As of this update, if you don’t have enough in-game currency to purchase an item, we’ll offer you the chance to purchase it with Blings instead via a popup. This means you can now purchase machinery upgrades using Blings. Everything that can be purchased using Gold or Life Force can also be purchased using Blings. We changed this to provide you with a shortcut to acquiring your item. You now have the option to spend Blings if you do not have enough in-game currency for any purchase – large or small.


Thanks and don't hesitate to join the discussion on the forums too!

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killdriva | July 18, 2013 15:46 | Report

how do I play

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Donatas1100 | July 18, 2013 14:32 | Report

the key plz

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guest-Overlord | July 18, 2013 10:56 | Report

key please

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Necronomnicon | July 18, 2013 10:49 | Report

I agree with the prick below me. His hamster wheels no longer catch me in an endless spit swap back and forth from full health until I die or decide to turn on endless health and troll him with a vid of me getting passed around like a drunk girl at the party after the prom for the next few hours or until i remember that I left the game on. This patch has completely destroyed any fun for me now that i cannot get caught in the hamster wheel cheese unless it's actually my own fault. Please fix this. Also, we need an option to sell blacksmith upgrades for half, or a third of the gold we invested in them already. between the gold to invest, and the nerfs on the gear, if the gear doesn't cost about a third what it used to, it's a waste of gold. only morons would buy it unless they play once a week and have maxed mines saved up and a bucket to blow when they come on for their hour of casual 'I pay to win & killed gaming for true gamers' session once or twice a week. -Concerned Citizen

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guest-UFq4IZUU | July 18, 2013 08:13 | Report

I must agree to the fact that Hamster wheels have been rended useless now. The recovery time between stuns is now too long and sometimes it even affects the stun received by other creatures. I.e. hamster wheel + cyclops charge/10pin punch. So this combination is totally useless now. I'd suggest to lower the recovery period maybe according to wheel's level. It's true that it was difficult as a trap, but that was the point. Now I just let myself hit and go through it with a mere 80HP damage.

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DandyCarrot | July 18, 2013 07:43 | Report

For the most part I like the changes however I think the blacksmith nerfs went too far, I don't disagree that the previous gear sets were OP but why not go for a tiered approach with Exceptional gear one price and then legendary gear twice the price or such for those willing to save?

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kaare12 | July 17, 2013 21:11 | Report

I dont understand, i bought that thing for 9,99 euro but when i enter the game then it tells me There was an error authenticating you with the game server. Thanks a [filtered] lot ubisoft.

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xandramas4313 | July 17, 2013 20:27 | Report

this patch completely ruined the usefulness of hamster wheels. One knock down if youre lucky whats the point of putting one in your castle now?

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XxLukjoxX | July 17, 2013 19:32 | Report

can i get a key plz?

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tothetix | July 17, 2013 19:21 | Report

thank for fixing the bug when, you open the pause button the menu no longer crashes the game so in my point of view it no longer in beta * * * * * 5/5 stars