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Today is Twitch day!

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Greetings Opulencians, 


As you all know we just launched Open Beta on Tuesday, and we're pretty pumped about it! And to show you how properly pumped we are we decided that we were gonna stream it! So here's what we're gonna do today!  



Stream with the Frag Dolls & Azurite

We'll be starting this special Twitch night with our usual pair RookFell (Community Manager) and Esper from the Frag Dolls with another installment of their bi-weekly stream, filled with shenanigans, silly hats, and of course, Mighty Questing for Epic Loots.


This week they’ll continue their coverage of their recent escaped to Montreal where they got to explore the development studio behind the Mighty Quest for Epic Loot. Oh, there’s also this little thing called OPEN BETA.


Their stream will begin at 1.30pm EST (6.30pm GMT) on the Frag Dolls channel, and will be joined by special guest Azurite.





Fireside Brawl - Open Beta Special!


Then at 2.30pm (7.30 GMT) we'll have a special episode of the Fireside Brawl! Errok, UbiVal, Siandriel and Kimmundi (European Community Managers) will be playing each with a different hero for 2 and a half hours! It'll be the occasion for us to showcase our costumes, pets and defenses. We might even have a few Runaway codes to give away!


Join us tomorrow Feb. 27th at 2.30pm EST (7.30pm GMT) on our official Twitch channel for this special event! 


See you soon!  


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