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Welcome To Opulencia! Update + Contest 1

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Welcome to Opulencia!



Opulencians, old and new alike,

We have the immense pleasure of welcoming you to the beautiful kingdom of Opulencia!

So much awaits you now: from the bizarre snot pits of Count Snottingham to the Treasure Room of the terrifying Dragonificus Terribilis, you shall battle, defeat, and conquer, always with one goal in mind: LOOT!

We want to make sure you are well prepared to accomplish such feats. With our Welcome to Opulencia Updates, we will accompany you in your adventures through the kingdom of Opulencia, guiding you, advising you… and of course, rewarding you!


And we are starting right away by announcing the start of our Twitch Contest today! Stream the game, get cool stuff and perhaps even the opportunity to chat with a member of the Dev Team to give them your feedback and discuss the future of the game! All the info is down below!


In the meantime, back to our business...


Choose Your Hero




The very first action you will need to make once you step into Opulencia (besides not instantly hating Cornelius Richling) is to choose your Hero! It shall be your first one, and you know what they say about first times. You must therefore choose carefully!


We have devised a short test for you all to choose the first Hero that really fits you. The one with whom you’ll run hand in hand with, pillaging Castles and terrifying your adversaries.

Pick up a piece a paper and a pen, we are doing it old school.



 Answer each question with the answer that fits you the best. Careful, you have to be true to yourself! We all know these kinds of tests never forgive biased answers.



Q. The first thing you do in the morning is…

Icon 4 Play some music as loud as I can, and if the neighbours aren’t happy they’ll have something coming for them.

Icon 3 ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZ- WHAT?
Icon 2 Early foot catches the loot; I’ll have plundered your castle before you have even opened an eye.
Icon 1 I witness how awesome I am by looking at myself in the mirror. It never lasts more than a couple of hours or five.



Q. When facing a great danger…

Icon 3 Facing a great danger? Ha! I AM the great danger!

Icon 1 Something’s about to get a taste of Suzanne and Rebecca! They’re my fists. I named them.

Icon 4 Join me in a mosh pit someday, I’ll show you what “great danger” means.
Icon 2 Jump. Duck. Aim. Shoot. It’s really that easy.



Q. Regarding family…

Icon 4 Family? That must be the only thing I’m running away from!

Icon 2 The only company I need is my falcon’s. And still, we have our days off now and then.

Icon 1 Nothing is as important as family! Being far from Mother is more unbearable every day.
Icon 3 I outlived 5 generations of my family, does that answer your question?



Q. You’re in bad shape and you have 2 potions left...

Icon 2 Take one for safety, keep the other for celebrating on my enemies’ corpses.
Icon 3 I’ve had my share of trouble with Potions before, let’s say I try to keep myself sober now.
Icon 4 Nothing like a good juice to keep the party going!

Icon 1 Potions are for people that can’t take a hit or two, no thank you!



Q. If you were to find Epic Loot...

Icon 1 Epic Loot!?? Where? WHERE?
Icon 2 Get your hands off that Epic Loot!
Icon 3 Did somebody say Epic Loot?
Icon 4 Out of my way losers, that Epic Loot is MINE!


 Congratulations on taking this test (pretty difficult, right?), now let’s see your results.

Count your Icon 1, Icon 2, Icon 3 and Icon 4's and report yourself to the following table to see who should be your Hero:






Well there you have it Opulencians, you should now be set on who your first Hero should be. Share your result in the comment section below!

As a reminder, the Knight, Archer and Mage are accessible for free the first time and for Blings for any additional one directly in game. The Runaway is still in Early Access and only accessible in through the Diamond Packs (for now!).

Now, with each Welcome to Opulencia's Update, there will be a new Contest. Here comes the first one!



 Twitch Contest



Opulencians, it is time to Twitch!

From now and until Friday, March 7th at 12pm EST, you will be asked to show how and why your Hero is the best in Opulencia.


Stream The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot for at least 30 minutes on Twitch, and you will automatically be entered in a sweepstake to win the following:






- A One on One chat with a member of the Dev Team, where you can discuss your experiences with the game!
- 1 Ultimate Diamond Pack for you
- 5 Trio Combo Diamond Packs for your followers


What you need to do exactly:





1) Login to the game
2) Launch your stream on Twitch

3) Don’t forget to indicate that you are playing The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

3) Be sure to adhere to Ubisoft's Video Policies
4) Stream for at least 30 minutes straight

5) Publish the video


And that’s it! Every time you stream for 30 minutes, you increase your chances to win. Somebody streaming for 1 hour will have twice as many chances to win and so on, and there is no limit on how many times you can participate!


We will communicate with the winner through Twitch directly, and announce them here in a news.

Show us how proud you are of your Hero, Opulencians!


We cannot wait to see you play the game live.

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ReyFew | March 09, 2014 13:56 | Report

I will stream this game today, in a couple of hours, www.twitch.tv/reyfew

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guest-8YBbbNkB | March 06, 2014 03:23 | Report

I'm new to twitch and I don't see how to publish the video. Would I have to record it somehow and them upload it or does twitch have an archive type thing?

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guest-Y8pjBnUG | March 05, 2014 16:36 | Report


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guest-sfbxmuYF | March 04, 2014 17:39 | Report

da da

mai lasatima cu asaceva

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guest-E3FwoFME | March 03, 2014 20:52 | Report

Hi! i'm streaming right now! come and check it out!

and remember if you sub and i win you will participate for the 5 trio combo diamond pack


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Yallaw | March 03, 2014 20:06 | Report


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guest-Tv0AREVj | March 03, 2014 19:45 | Report

Streaming now, once again watch your favorite archer on Twitch http://en.twitch.tv/phennum 3 hour session. Enjoy!

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guest-VhLbYJMD | March 03, 2014 18:57 | Report


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Macheama | March 03, 2014 16:37 | Report


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minica15 | March 03, 2014 16:07 | Report