Logo_launch_secondary-ac9a063ddf2d2741f1d3eb43e11b60f2 Mighty Quest for Epic Loot


1. What is Mighty Quest ?

2. A Hack and Slash … you mean like Diablo or Torchlight?

3. How many heroes are there, and how do they differ?

4. I assume there is epic loot in the game, right?

5. Will I have to learn to use a complicated map editor to build my castle?

6. What kind of defenses can I use and how much freedom do I have?

7. What about bosses?

8. I heard this game has UGC, what does that mean?

9. How many levels are there in Mighty Quest?

10. What kind of interactions can I expect with other players?

11. Can I attack my friend’s castle?

12. I am a competitive gamer, is there something for me in MQ?

13. Can I customize my hero and castle?

14. The video trailers and promotional art are funny as hell, can I expect the same in-game?

15. Is this game Pay to Win?