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1. [Blings] - What are Blings?

2. [Blings] - Are there other currencies?

3. [Blings] - How can I get Blings?

4. [Blings] - What are the benefits of having Blings in The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot?

5. [Blings] - If I spend money do I have more chances of winning?

6. [Blings] - Is there anything else I can spend money on?

7. [Blings] - Can I play the game without spending money?

8. [Blings] - Where do the Blings I purchased or was rewarded go?

9. [Blings] - When will I receive the Blings I purchased?

10. [Blings] - What are my payment options?

11. [Blings] - Can I cancel my Bling order?

12. [Blings] - What do I do if I have a problem with my Bling purchase?