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Server Status

Collection of important messages regarding the status of services.

In: Maintenance [07/22] - Done

7 months ago

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Bug Report

Become an exterminator by reporting your finding here.

In: frozen at loading screen after ...

6 months ago

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Technical Support

For problems installing or patching Mighty Quest or crashing during game play.

In: Error 80000001

7 months ago

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Forum Rules

Check the forums rules here before posting.

In: Forum rules

over 2 years ago

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All the Official Announcements about The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot.

In: Open House: CM's in game

6 months ago

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General Discussion

Talk about anything and everything about the game.

In: We expect more, and now we will...

6 months ago

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Introduce yourself and share tutorials with the Community!

In: Faces of MQEL

6 months ago

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Where we pit players against each other and marvel at the best built dungeons and swiftest looters!

In: Trophy League

6 months ago

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Recruit more friends to join your clan

In: Returning player looking for a ...

7 months ago

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To contribute to the Wiki page!

In: Wiki: How to change keybindings

7 months ago

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Community Events

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Events hosted by the MQEL team

In: Funniest Death Lottery

6 months ago

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Bringing forward noteworthy contributions to the community!

In: Spotlight - The light shines down

6 months ago

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For any event some of you might like to host yourselves


7 months ago

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Suggestions & Feedback

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Tell us what you think about the game!

In: я не понял а почему не могу про...

6 months ago

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Patch notes

To discuss the Patch notes

In: Patch Notes - 07/22

7 months ago

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Creatures, Traps and Rooms Feedback

Defense! What works, what doesn't?

In: Le Spider

7 months ago

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Heroes Feedback

Discuss abilities and theorycrafting here!

In: Priority: Fix the broken heroes

8 months ago

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Items and Resources Feedback

Potions, Gear, Gold, Life Force and Blings. Talk about them here!

In: more attacks

6 months ago

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You have great ideas about the game? Post them here!

In: New Movement Button

6 months ago

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Website and Social Media Suggestions

Help us make the Website and the Forums better.

In: Social Media Idea

7 months ago

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You know how to tell a beautiful Story? Show it off here!

In: Roleplay Scene

over 1 year ago

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Fan Art

You know how to draw beautiful Artworks? Show them off here!

In: Blackeye Bowgart Cosplay

6 months ago

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Off Topic

Talk about anything, especially anything related to the game.

In: Movies; what's your top 5?

6 months ago

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Different Languages

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Polish Community

In: Bezsensowny Materiałomat

9 months ago

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Russian Community

In: Русскоязычное сообщество игры &...

8 months ago

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Italian Community

In: Clan Pizzamunchers

10 months ago

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Spanish Community

In: Algún Latino?

about 1 year ago

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Portuguese Community

In: Erro de requisitos minimos

9 months ago

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Scandinavian Community

In: Vad tycker ni om spelet?

over 1 year ago

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Hungarian Community

In: Tippek-trükkök

8 months ago

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Dutch Community

In: nederlands clan

about 1 year ago

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