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Joined 2013-11-17

November 29, 2014 22:00 (about 1 year ago)

well shoot i miss it again dint i :/
i was waning it so bad when i was close beta and im abouth to buy it but then i cant ifnd it at store.
it was my last chance and did i just miss it again ? darn :/
(If not well PLS I NEED IT SO BAD ty)

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Joined 2014-01-25

February 12, 2015 07:38 (12 months ago)

is DO Club still providing us with free stuff?

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Joined 2013-08-31

February 12, 2015 14:14 (12 months ago)

This was tied to the test forum at one point to keep active people there rather than just randomly sending out invites.

I don't think it's relevant now in the current phase of the game. ;)

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Joined 2014-04-26

February 12, 2015 15:11 (12 months ago)

The DO club was an alpha-phase promotion, so logically that has been expired long ago ;).

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Joined 2015-03-09

March 18, 2015 23:14 (11 months ago)

because i spent 60$ mhmm

Displaying posts 81-85 of 85

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