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July 16, 2013 21:53 (over 2 years ago)


Here's the detailed changes that were made to creatures in update 15.0. Play around with the new changes and let us know what you think. It's your continued feedback that allowed us make these changes.

The objective of this balancing pass was to:
1. Make all creatures / specializations fit their role (DPS, tank, support, or control), and be interesting enough to be usable, at least in some contexts
2. Balance the game’s difficulty. The game seemed a bit difficult in early levels, and then kept getting progressively easier until the end levels. We took into account the fact that the Blacksmith now only sells exceptional (yellow) gear.

• Boss creature stats were all changed to provide quicker fights: they can now deal more damage, but are much quicker to kill. They should not have as much of a large effect on timers as before.
• Elite creatures were, by and large, in poor shape. Some, like the Roboshieldotron, were really broken, but many others were nearly useless. Efforts were made to make each one worth its defense point value. In addition, elites now start out with a full kit of abilities, sometimes different from the base creature, and do not gain new abilities while gaining tiers.
• Fixed a bug in the physical damage reduction formulas that made physical armor much less effective than it should have been, for both heroes and creatures. This is why, for example, Cyclops where as easy to kill as Bone Puppeteers

Resistance to crowd control
• Boss creatures lost their complete immunity to stun, knockback and slow. Instead, they now partially resist these effects.
• Elite creatures are now always partially resistant to stun.
• Large creatures are not systematically resistant to stun and knockback anymore. Only a select few, like the Cyclops, maintained these characteristics
• Creatures that run away from the hero, like the Bone Puppeteer or the Snotter, now all do so in more restraint, and now trigger that behavior at a distance that depends on the hero’s range. In other words, the Knight can move closer to a Snotter without it running away than can the Archer.

• Increased its damage output
• At tier 7, the Derp now gains faster movement

• Slightly reduced its health
• Lowered its damage output
• The Snotter now starts without a flee behavior, gains it at tier 4, and then gains double shot at tier 7. Its previous triple shot was removed
• Snotters do not have the rage ability anymore

• Increased its movement speed
• Increased its damage output substantially
• Increased its health
• Reduced its armor
• Added a resistance to snare
• Most attacks now have a longer range
• The Fist of Rage specialization now throws punches more quickly
• The Floorpunch specialization no longer creates a shockwave. Instead, it deals more damage and stuns or knocks down the hero. At tier 7, it gains increased range. The slam cannot be blocked, but cannot crit either.
• The Offensive Tackle specialization now stuns for a bit longer and pushes the hero back, instead of knocking him down. The dash is now quicker
• All functional changes to the Cyclops also apply to Pete Poundmore, its elite version

Bone Puppeteer
• Reduced its movement speed
• Reduced its health
• Increased both of its armors
• All on-death effects were removed
• All specializations now summon 2 Bag of Bones once, as a first action when aggroed
• The Raising Hell specialization can now only raise creatures that are close to the hero
• The Medic specialization can now cast its healing ability faster and more frequently. That ability is also more potent
• The Rager Engager’s radius for the tier 4 and 7 AoE abilities was reduced a bit. In addition, we fixed a bug that made all active Puppeteers target the same creature, and also another one that prevented a new rage buff to refresh the previous one.
• All functional changes to the Bone Puppeteer also apply to Dr Skull, its elite version. Dr Skull, and its beloved elite Bag of Bones, were a case of creatures that slipped through the cracks when we did our first balance pass, which forced us to significantly tone them down most of their stats. Note that instead of spawning 2 Bags of Bone like the Puppeteer, Dr Skull spawns 4 elite Bags of Bones.

• Increased its damage slightly
• Increased its physical armor and its health
• Squiddley’s rage ability is now gained at tier 4, is triggered after just a small amount of damage, and now also increases its movement speed

Count Snottingham
• The count has undergone a much needed make over. He is not a push-over anymore, give him a try!
• He deals more damage, attacks faster, and moves faster
• His basic attack is now a spread of 7 fast missiles. These missiles cannot crit
• He lost his snot-sprinkling ability, but instead gained a new one. He now spits high into the air a ballistic projectile that leaves a corrosive pool on the ground. This ability is used more frequently than before, and does a lot more damage, but cannot crit

• Reduced its attack speed
• Its regeneration ability now heals less rapidly
• The Shield Wall specialization now always snares the hero when he moves through the energy shield, like it previously did only starting at tier 7
• All functional changes to the Defend-O-Tron also apply to Roboshieldotron, its elite version. Like Dr Skull, the Roboshieldotron was a creature that got a free pass in our first balance pass. He needed a reality check. We had to decrease his movement speed and damage output.

Smelly Archer
• Increased its damage output
• Reduced its armor and health
• The Spread Eagle specialization now starts with a single shot, then a double, then a split shot.
• The Headshot specialization cannot crit anymore
• All functional changes to the Smelly Archer also apply to Zeke, its elite version.

• Reduced its movement speed
• Reduced its health
• Increased its physical armor
• Removed the triple shot evolution at tier 7, and replaced it with a faster single shot
• All functional changes to the Hungerbot also apply to Scorpio, its elite version. Scorpio now has a triple shot on all three of its specialization

Mr Firesly
• Reduced physical attack damage
• Increased Fire breath’s damage. This ability cannot crit anymore
• Reduced magical armor

Smelly Warrior
• Decreased the Defense cost of the Smelly Warrior from 5 to 4
• Increased its damage output
• The Personal Bubble specialization can now approach closer to the hero without letting its shield down
• The Heavy Handed specialization now deals a lot more damage, attacks a bit faster, and has more reach. Its hits cannot be blocked, and cannot crit.
• The Griefer specialization can now target any creature (instead of only 1 or 2 Defense cost creatures), and deals a fixed amount of damage to the victim when triggering its own resurrection (instead of killing the target creature). The area of effect of that ability has been significantly increased.
• All functional changes to the Smelly Warrior also apply to Jimbo, its elite version.

Bad Dog
• Reduced its health
• Increased its damage slightly, but reduced its attack speed
• Changed its howl ability so that it triggers on death, and cannot be avoided
• Mittens, the elite version, works a bit differently. He howls right at the start of a fight, and will howl again after some time, as well as upon death.

• Removed its chalice-drinking buff
• Its shockwave ability was made into a wider cone, with wider projectiles that move faster. These projectiles cannot crit
• The shockwave is now interspersed by regular attacks, instead of being linked with a phase of combat
• Durrrr’s first resurrected form was removed
• The remaining resurrected form does not have a life timer anymore; it instead needs to be killed normally. Its shockwave is now directed in front of him, instead of all around

Terroraptor Overlord
• Increased the reach of its attacks
• When spawning hunter eggs, it now spawns three at a time. The cooldown of this ability was Increased
• The cooldown of its stunning scream ability was reduced, had its radius increased, had its warning animation lengthened. Moreover, it does not deal damage anymore
• The cooldown of his tail swipe ability was substantially increased
• The hunter eggs were modified as follows: their movement speed was increased, their damage was increased, and their health was reduced. They also lost their stun immunity

Stare Master
• Reduced its movement speed
• Increased its damage output
• Slightly reduced its health
• The Ominous Orb specialization now shoots more rapidly and more often, but the energy field it creates has a shorter duration and is smaller in radius. This specialization also lost its on-death ability that used to produce a small energy field. The energy field’s DoT deals damage more often, but in lower amount.
• The Displacer specialization now teleports when it receives damage, instead of it being based on hero proximity. Also, his regular flee behavior was removed because of the redundancy with teleporting. Teleportation speed does not vary anymore with tiers.

Battering Ram
• Reduced its basic attack damage slightly, and made it attack a bit less frequently
• Made it charge more often when enraged. The charge now cannot crit.
• When reaching tier 4, the flame trail now remains on the floor longer

Killer Crab
• Increased its size
• Increased its damage output and its basic attack’s reach
• Increased its armor
• Its protective stance now absorbs a lot of damage, lasts 5 seconds, and keeps alternating with 5 seconds of its regular stance

• Increased its damage output
• Increased its health
• Reduced the cooldown of its dash ability

• Increased its magical armor
• Decreased its physical armor

• Increased its damage output
• The whirlwind ability now lets the Stabsassin move slowly

• Increased slightly its damage and health
• Added a poison property that damages the player over time after a bite
• Webmaster 8.0, the elite version, now acts quicker, jumps from farther away, knocks back the hero on a successful leap attack, and regularly throws three web patches on the ground

• Increased its armor
• Spawning a bomb occurs faster, and the cooldown of that ability is shorter
• The Bomblet’s fuse is a bit shorter, making it explode quicker. The Bomblet’s damage was increased, but its explosion cannot crit anymore
• All functional changes to the Explodifier also apply to Mr BoomBoom, its elite version.


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July 16, 2013 21:54 (over 2 years ago)

Thank you so much!

Looking forward to seeing more use out of Squiddleys and Smelly Warriors. Also I wonder how good Cyclops are, because I was already using a lot of them, hopefully they're not out of control now.

RIP Roboshieldtron.

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July 16, 2013 22:25 (over 2 years ago)

Thanks alot for the detailed changes, its appreciated.

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July 16, 2013 22:53 (over 2 years ago)

Just taken them all in. Some interesting changes and I look forward to editing my castle later

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July 17, 2013 04:45 (over 2 years ago)

I am interested about the count snottingham changes. I already fought him 02 times, gave him time but, his attack patterns are exactly the same from before.
Has anyone else noticed it?

Edit: it happened at the npc castle lv 4, where it belongs. But i just did a lv 6 player castle and the new attacks were there.

last edited: July 17, 2013 04:56 (over 2 years ago)

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July 17, 2013 08:44 (over 2 years ago)

Pinned for everybody to see.

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July 17, 2013 11:21 (over 2 years ago)

Just wanted to thanks the dev' team for something you didn't signalled : HUGE changes in performance for AMD processor. The game is now perfectly working on my computer.
"Chapeau bas messieurs" ! ;-)

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July 17, 2013 19:24 (over 2 years ago)

While I enjoyed the changes to the monster characters, the change to the hero characters to re-spec their abilities and characteristics are especially weak. It seems the recent patch has nerfed their strength and abilities to the point where they only seem effective against weaker creatures. ie... level 24 knight seems weak against level 22-up cyclops or hungerbot. Plus their strength against elite creatures such as the Roboshieldtron in the higher levels is substantially lowered. I have encountered many castles where all players do is pair the Roboshieldtron with a bone puppetteer healer and it is almost impossible to do enough damage to match the the healing ability. In all the patch is a welcome change and made the game more enjoyable, but the nerfed heroes makes the game wayyyyyyyyy less enjoyable. Prior to the patch I would definitely recommend this game to others, now I would not.

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July 17, 2013 22:37 (over 2 years ago)

I like the fact that the summoners pull up 2-4 bag of bones right away, but ran into a slight problem. They will sometimes call up the creatures inside walls. The bag of bones that is inside the wall can't be killed and can't move so the final room remains locked forever.

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July 17, 2013 23:41 (over 2 years ago)

omg i just typed all this out then lost it because of account time out :((
level 19 knight, good gear. fighting level 16-20 monsters

right my opinions on the creatures i've met so far, short hand version:-

Derp & Snotter: Good changes, Nice damage buff was needed

Cyclops: Needs nerf! Very strong attack and enough health to survive several swings from my high dps knight, cant ignore them because of their high damage and intterupts, and they are bad combat focus because of high health. pair them with healer or high dps group and they become a major problem. can be made more in line with other monsters by lowering the health a bit, so players can nuke them down in about 2/3rds the time it currently takes.

Bone Puppeteer: Heal has been over-buffed, should not be able to out heal 100% of my damage, 80% maybe, but one heal and the monster is back to full hp, if they can heal before i can kill it, they have to be killed first, without exception. This isn't fair imo, there should be a trade off for choosing to stay on your current target, not a complete progress stall, hps should be aprox 80% of player dps imo. Rage setting is fine if it is aoe effect, if not, i think it should be, would make a mob of low creatures a valid group option instead of just aoe fodder, with the damage buff they got it would be high risk/reward for defenders. Rez Puppeteers have taken a big nerf by proxy from the timer stopping once the boss is down, stops sneaky backtracking, but imo it was a valid tactic, and the only decent reason for using them. so something should be put in to replace the loss from that, but sure what, but something unique for the Rez setting.

Squiddley: Good Changes, no issues imo

Defend-O-Tron & RoboShieldTron: Overall the changes are good, makes them more utility as they should be, however I have issue with the shield wall setting, their high health and armour makes them take a while to kill already, with the invulnerability of the wall, this is effectively doubled. the stun is a nice buff, and makes them valid support vs knight as well, but they should be support, and not just left over at the end of the battle. on one map i decided to not hang around wasting the time just killing him, and to instead take him with me as a football, using punt. I took him all the way to durr, and then killed durr with him, and he was still on 30% health! while this is a fun application, i dont think it's in the spirit of what they're for, is it possible to give them some sort of preference to attacking rather than just pattern shielding when in melee? or make them not immune to melee attacks when shielding, and make the wall do a nockback

Smelly Archer: Good Changes, good idea getting rid of the headshot crit

Hungerbot: Good Changes, no Issues.

Smelly Warrior: Good change, there was no way they were more combat effective than a smelly archer, so being more expensive made no sense, i would lower the cost even more, to 3, make them heavy fodder

Durrrr: Way too hard for warrior now. Phase 1 is not so bad, but in phase 2, one hit in melee will kill me, for archers it's much easier i think, but as warrior, it's very hard to do damage from a range, and the cone is too wide for you to get around the side in time, so staying back and dodging is the only real possibility. i've been having to kill him by using the wall and hitting him pre-emptively through the corner, then punting him back and running back so he loses line of sight and walks again when he gets up, but it's a lame tactic, and not fun. but any other way either takes too long, or gets you one shot killed.
*suggested fix - Make the bolts increase in damage as they travel, meaning when multiple bolts hit the player in melee it wont kill him outright, and a single ranged bolt for archers would still be damaging. also narrow the cone of the bolts, giving the melee fighter time to run around the side, work out how long it takes to run out of the radius, and how long it takes dur to hit the floor after locking on, then give the player a bracket of like .8 of a second or something, whatever average reaction time is, plus a bit. meanwhile archers can dodge inbetween them at range, you could possibly increase his health a bit after that too, so it would take archers longer to kill him

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