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August 26, 2014 02:27 (over 1 year ago)

Allright, let's start by that i played since closed beta and i come play/check it out time to time how far the game got and tbh or it got worse or it's just way to slow to get there to the gameplay.. I'm sorry if this has been posted already.. don't get me wrong i'm not trying to flame in any way but it just taking way to long to get there. Now about suggestions i know it's still beta and maybe one day u will get there but i hope it's quiker then im quessing right now..

  1. The game is about raiding a castle... it doesn't feel to me when i raid that it's a castle. It has only a ground floor. It needs maybe like more floors or a basement.

  2. To raid a castle it's to quik. Which kills the word raid right now. Maybe u can raid it in 2 different options.. option 1: castle assault (current one a.k.a regular quik run) option 2: massive castle assault (more rooms/bigger rooms, more floors ,basement, more boss rooms/mutiple bosses in a castle..which maybe even opens the option for co op and if it does ofc the mobs should be more difficult by example.. increasing dmg/health. Ofc for the massive castle assault should be more rewarding.)

  3. Defending my own castle doesn't feel like u really do.. cuz when i check my battle log i see like a full page with the same guy hungry for my castle and keep trying till he get's my loot and when he does.. nobody attack anymore till the timer is over.. so that's really bad cuz if i got 50k gold to loot i would love to see different poeple to try it and to take it and not just one same guy trying and trying.. and after so many tries poeple figure out how to do it and you lose your loot and there is no way to protect your loot which is the purpose of it.. so let's say we keep the option to keep attacking how much time's u want but.. the penalty needs to increase like by losing crowns won't be decreased to 0 anymore but just the same why not.. im sure poeple would stop trying and go on to the next one cuz they failed to raid and loot my 50k gold so move on loot other castle's get better and try again next time. :)

  4. End game.. well it's beta.. obv no end game i ques but.. if u check Nr. 3 with the co op that's pretty close to be a end game..( When u finish the game and finishing the game i mean by killing all bosses in the region map.. and reach max player/castle level by then u would like to see a end game or some sort of.. well that can work with building/attacking big castles for massive assault option.)

I can write/think off more stuff but it's pretty late and im tired so im not gonna write a book right now.. or talk about the latest patch with the glitches/bugs there are or how unbalanced it is.. it's beta.. but it's slow and not that a big change in gameplay since closed beta imo.. and i keep repeating this well i'm sorry :).. but the gameplay needs a polishing.. the visuals the theme's etc i can't complain about that it's awesome really.. but it's not enough to get the feeling u searching in this game.. and i'm sure not all poeple will agree/feel like me but i'm hoping for that the majority will.. and i know it's beta... but i just expected more to see from all this time from a castle raiding game.. i still hope it's gonna get there where im hoping for but much quiker. :)

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