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August 11, 2014 23:20 (over 1 year ago)

Quote | guest-atIe0cVZ posted on Aug 11 2014 10:39 PM UTC

Some creatures you certainly do not have to buy blings to craft as the drop rates have improved. Devlin materials are actually quite common while wearing decent loot gear. However some crafting materials remain rare drops such #42, Eue De Trappe, Explodium, Cursed Cogs, and Hard Shell. Even with loot gear, this is not going to save you. In order to make a sort of basic viable defense, you need to farm for over 100 hours in different types of farms with loot gear and magic boost to be feasible. The devs designed the game this way to make players be impatient and spend real money. This has not changed based on the current small tweaks to drop rates. The game has failed.

Because I think you're right. These materials drop to rare. I have just Explodium 93 and 97 Cursed Cogs. But I have over 1200 giant sweat. As can be something absolutely not agree and I suspect that this will have something to do with the new creature / trap.


[quote name='guest-XyoDpOGlk'

His castle is tough, It was the first castle I encountered since the DMG increase patch that I had to equip good gear (and remove my loot% gear)

The first time I beat it he messaged me saying thanks for not raging and complimenting his castle on it's difficulty (He actually thanked me more then once lol) So it's kind of disappointing the community in game rages/insults someones castle for been difficult.
" <--- Quote 2 ending.

And for that I am grateful to you until now. Of more than 33 comments, you were the first person who wrote something normal. All other comments were part of a racist nature, I was insulted as nigger, others have posted spoilers, even worse insults and something goes really too far.


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August 16, 2014 09:54 (over 1 year ago)

@DerVigilante Let's be real here, for the most part this community is not older than 15 so it's normal if people insult you they have all this frustration at this age and they'll hide behind anonymity to insult and flame people that are succesful at the game, they'll make up excuses when they die such as lag/mouse/keyboard not working or your castle being P2W. They'll take anything to excuse their terribleness at the game and blind them from it.

PS: That's the problem with a lot of F2p games (LoL,etc) that have a large player base and are easy to access there will be kids playing their first game before they can convince their parents to pay for them.

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August 20, 2014 07:59 (over 1 year ago)

I play several hours a day, I have terrible equipment because they now roll so many stats that are useless.

I have had enough resource to make 1 Hot Roller, SEVERAL HOURS A DAY!.... 1 hot roller.

Furthermore, my first 30, The Runaway... ugh... never seen a decent one, useless until they fix it.
Trap skill not hitting all traps (hamster wheels especially).
Ticket system, you just know, entering a 1min castle, that it was likely verified by an archer, who abused the terrible system, and why shouldn't they, its protecting your castle.
Hot Roller, SEVERAL HOURS A DAY... I managed to craft 1.
Gear, I see these players who were 30 before the crafting update, and even before the update before that, and they have +health, +crit chance, and +damage on their gear, where I have +1%loot, +gold, +health orb, +armour gear... I mean come on! several hours a day, no upgrades for weeks.

and why dont attackers die in farms more, to help ?

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