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These forums are for the discussion about The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot, including advice, feedbacks and general gameplay talk. We ask that all posts are civil, respectful and constructive – this ensures all visitors can enjoy and benefit from these forums, plus we can more easily collect feedback (be it positive or negative).

To this end, there are specific forum rules covering the sort of behaviour that is and isn’t acceptable here. While the general guideline of “Treat others as you would wish to be treated” applies, all visitors must also abide by these rules. If you do not do so your post may be moved, locked or deleted, and may also result in a temporary or permanent ban.

Online Safety

We strongly recommend you do not arrange to meet anyone from these forums. Always consult a parent or guardian if appropriate or speak to a Community Manager. You should also not give out personal contact details, including real name, phone number, email or home address.

Inappropriate Content

You may not harass or threaten other players (sexually, racially, or otherwise).

Harassment is defined as any unwanted or unwelcome behavior beyond the limits of good taste and appropriate game context. Final determination of harassment and severity will be made by moderators after a thorough investigation to ensure that each violation is treated fairly and objectively.

Harassment will result in disciplinary action being taken against the offending account. Such action may include official warnings, account suspensions, or account terminations. The exact action depends on the severity of the incident which will be determined by moderators.

Racial, religious or sexual slurs are likely to result in immediate banning.

Bug & hack:

Players may not modify, hack or alter any portion of the game client, game server or website without written permission from Ubisoft.

Discussion of software piracy in any of its forms is strictly not allowed on these boards. “Piracy” includes links to illegal downloads of games or methods by which to circumvent copy protection mechanisms.

You will not exploit any bug in The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot. Further, you will not communicate the existence of any such exploitable bug (including bugs that grant the user unnatural or unintended benefits in game), either directly or through public posting, to any other user of Mighty Quest. You will promptly report any such bug via the ticket system (https://www.themightyquest.com/en/cs_tickets).

Players cannot impersonate any Ubisoft employee or Support personnel (past or present)

No Flaming / Trolling

This includes any kind of personal insult, flame or intimidation. Responding in kind to a flame message is viewed as equally unacceptable, regardless of who started it. This applies to both written text and image posting.

“Naming and shaming” suspected cheaters is also considered flaming given that it is rarely possible to prove guilt and only causes arguments. If you believe you have a strong case against a suspected cheater please contact the customer support.

There is no need to turn disagreements into heated arguments. Rather than letting these threads become flame wars please agree to disagree or the thread is likely to be locked.

No spamming

Repeatedly posting the same post or topic in a forum, or across multiple forums, is considered spamming. Such posts will be locked, edited or removed. Intentional off topic or nonsense posting is also likely to be considered spam and will receive the same treatment, especially if this takes an existing thread off topic. This applies to both written text and image posting which also includes

Stay on topic

Please make sure your post is going in the correct forum. We have specific “Off Topic”. Threads that are off topic, or become so, may be moved or locked.

No bumping

Making short posts made with the sole intention of keeping posts near the top of the forum is called “bumping”. This raises forum traffic and clutter unnecessarily and moves more active threads down the page. As such it is not allowed and may result in the thread being lost and persistent offenders may have their posting privileges removed.


As this forum is managed by our US and UK teams we ask that all posts on this board are made in English so we can effectively moderate. (Exception for Different Languages section). Our official forums are available in other languages, as French and German. We also ask that you avoid “txt spk” or posting in all caps as this can be considered rude or make posts difficult to read.

External Content

Anything linked to from these forums must follow by the same rules as any content directly posted here.

Forum Search

Please use the forum-search option before you create a new topic, as this will ensure there has been no help given to your situation yet and also save you time on creating a topic on that matter.

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