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March 09, 2014 19:23 (almost 2 years ago)

Quote | eyestrain92 posted on Mar 09 2014 02:02 AM UTC

U.D., riddle me this: what are the current clear time records in most 700+ crown castles? Which class were they set with?

It isn't mage or archer. Don't believe me, do you? Knights have low dps, do they now?

It doesn't matter when it's merely quicker to stand in one place and facetank every mob of their equivalent level with multiple control skills, a mobility skill, and a self heal. It doesn't matter. They trivialize content. They survive all manner of traps. Nothing beats them.

"B-BUT muh deeps!"

Doesn't matter if the other classes have to kite, and when mages have super low movement speed. No, I don't care, nothing is going to matter if by manner of their classes in order to merely survive, they have to take extra -minutes- to merely clear without losing crowns, and knights can kill things more slowly but without having to kite or do anything really but alternate their four skills.

"Muh eye-max! Muh zekes!"

Teleporting beholders are a joke. If you're having trouble, charge them and hit them, or use one of your enormous aoes. They are not a threat, and at best they add some time to your clear, whereas every other threatening mob in the game actually adds minutes to archer and especially mage clears.

Zekes? You can facetank their shots, charge them, stun and kill. Other classes (one again, common theme, ESPECIALLY MAGES) just sort of die using that tactic.

DPS doesn't matter, knights -trivialize all current content- and on top of that, as a result, have the fastest clears, even with their damage output being what it is. That's not okay.

As of the time of this Post, i'm a Lvl 16 Knight, & your experience with the Zeke Damage & mine don't match... Triple Headshot Zeke's do so much damage to me, I have to go through hellacious amounts of kiting their Triple Headshots to not get wtf owned by them... & large clusters of Triple Headshot Zekes are nigh impossible for me to defeat, especially if they have AOE Heal Dr. Skull support. :(

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March 09, 2014 21:22 (almost 2 years ago)

Quote | U.D. posted on Mar 08 2014 08:33 PM UTC

[quote name='steveraptor' date='Mar 08 2014 08:17 PM UTC']You cant really do anything vs knights atm, my castle is lvl 20, and for the past 2 days only knights have been attacking me, 90% succeeding, rangers probably went extinct and mages are very rare. Nothing really seems to bother them, its not even fun to watch the replay. They just stand in one place, sometimes on top of spike traps, tanking 4-5 creatures and eating 3-4 mortars, clearing them creatures and moving on with 80% hp. sometmes they just walk through all ur castle to the boss room. corrosion traps aren't effective enough to bother them.

the class itself got no weakness, it has very high resistance, very high HP, good mobility, alot of stuns, and very good AOE stuns/dmg abilties.

lvl 18 knights can clear my castle, where rangers and mage 21-24 are getting killed in it. they need a serious work, right now they are god-like.[/quote] I've had some luck against knights in my castle, but nowhere near the amount I have with rangers and mages. I've got a room of Zekes, a Shieldobot, a couple of Hungerbots, Puppeteers/Dr. Bone, and a few Smelly Archers w/ Bear trap (the stuns can mean the difference between a dead Zeke and a dead attacker). When the attack tickets don't totally derp up on me, they can have a hard time clearing it as the Hungerbots will use their chain to pull the knight away from the Zekes (because the Knight can't move and attack), or the Smelly Archers will hit the Knight with a trap, which will let the Zekes get a few hits in. If you're really lucky the Hungerbot will grab them while they're stuck in the Smite/Dragon King animation and give your Puppeteers/Dr. Bones a chance to heal them back up.

9 times out of 10 though the tickets mess up and the Hungerbots or the Shieldotron won't do anything and just run away while the Zekes get murdered, but when it works it does alright.

(Opinion incoming) As for the class having no weaknesses, they have a couple: they have to build up mana through basic attacks or their mana-generating ability before they can use any of their other abilities, they can't deal damage from range, being melee they're prone to getting kited, their stuns require them to be in melee range (except King Dragon, which requires a ton of mana to use and has a lengthy animation) or they have to position themselves correctly to get the most out of it (see Punt), if they get low health they have no way to regenerate it without putting themselves in melee range, and their AoE is the weakest of the other 2 classes (not counting the Runaway as I've heard she's pretty weak overall). The only things the Knight has going for him is his durability and single-target damage.

Sorry, but ur opinion regarding their weakness is invalid, and the reasons are simple:
This is not PVP game, being a melee in this game, doesn't give u any penalty and nothing kites u in this game, u dont fight other players, u fight a pretty dumb AI, so noting kites whatsoever the knights.

Their mana build up is very quick, especially with the fiery enchantment, that 99.9% of the knights using it.
They just need few hits and they got a huge amount of time to do that before their health drops to half, if that happens at all, since by the time they bashed everything to death.

The "Only" thing that going for knights are:
-Extremely high resistance, it gets to ludicrous amounts when they have the armor proc buff as well.
-Very high HP pool
-Healing blade scales with the big HP pool, which means it alone can keep them up without the use of potions.
-Very good AOE spells with control
-Increased move speed
-Weapons gives u options for high dmg single target or good AOE mob clearing.

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