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March 09, 2014 01:17 (almost 2 years ago)

Thread title.

Obvious aside, honestly, the current setup is resulting in a stale, monotonous meta of "mage/archer killer instagib trap" and "giant single-pull knight defense." Stack all the current offenders of underbalancing in your throne room and one gel/ballistic->springboard->6x6 minewall surrounded by boards.

Nothing else is effective, nothing else is good, and the current state of traps and mob balance necessitates it. Empty castles, 2-3 rooms (if they felt creative) of the current worst offenders and nothing more. No chickens, derps or snotters (they're 100% irrelevant given the state of aoe and how little threat they pose,) basically merely petes, zekes, jimbos (and maybe a dr skull to either create mob swarms or heal nonstop,) with as many roboshieldotrons as they have points leftover. Often a time, because of how useless most bosses are barring snottingham (because of the effectiveness of his projectiles and persistent damaging area) bosses are just ignored entirely. Eyemaxes, dampeners don't really serve a good purpose in this setups, so are mostly just there to add time for specific classes, but nothing else is anywhere near as effective.

Just to see how this would change, it would be interesting to see the room limit return, albeit this time with a few numeric changes.

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March 09, 2014 01:40 (almost 2 years ago)

Wait for the patch to hit, they said they're working on buffing the monster and making the traps more effective. I'm hoping they just buff everything else up to the level of Zekes and mines, give players options rather than gutting the currently favored mobs to quell the masses.

On the note of Derps, I had an archer attack my castle. he ignored a trio of derps that came up behind him and instead focused on the zeke/dr skull/defendotron in the choke-point in front of him. A few seconds pass and he's fallen below half health because they were hitting him, and hitting him HARD. Then he 1 shot them and looted my castle, because defending sucks right now if you're not using the current cheese combos.

Also: I am now craving Combos. Cheddar Combos.

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