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Post Icon Crown System makes me unhappy when someone has 10 freeroles

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Joined 2014-02-26

March 07, 2014 23:26 (almost 2 years ago)

I really try to build good castles - so that people have to play good to crack it.

So I got a good amount of crowns for my short PhatLewtDealer life.

But in the last couple days I saw something that made me unhappy.

Each time when I attack a castle I would get big crown looses when I die.

But there are people, at my level or higher or maybe one level below myself, that try my castle 10-12 times - they die every time, but they do not loose any crowns. And I do not get a single crown for my strong castle.

But then, when they lucky cracked my castle in 13th visit, I get a large crown hit and loose 8-9% of my whole crowns. It's like a freerole for bad gameplay.

That's not fair - thought. If those guys need to many tries to luckily crack my castle - brute force style - they should not get rewarded and I should not get punished for it.

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March 10, 2014 02:53 (almost 2 years ago)

When someone fails at your castle, and keeps attacking repeatedly, they're investing time - the same time you could be investing in attacking someone else to get more crowns than you'll be losing. The game is passive enough already, if you want Crowns, go and get them; prove others that you can do something more than sitting down and gloating at a pile of corpses, that you can also attack better than them and break their petty defenses.

Displaying all 2 posts

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