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March 08, 2014 13:02 (almost 2 years ago)

Yo guys.As you all know, Runaway having some issues atm.I came up with some ideas about how to balance her.Please comment and let me know if i'm being mistaken in some ways.

I think atm Runaway have some pretty big issues about mobility and surviving.Considering that Ubisoft will patch her up, i believe those aspects will prove better in time.


At this point i think this skill is pretty low damage but the main issue here is the slow movement speed while spinnig.Imo leaving the damage that way ( for primarily its used as a cc) and give some more movespeed while spinning will help both battlefield control and give Runaway a little more option about her lack of mobility.


I think the randomness is an issue as well but i would like to see a buff like Archer's roll after using this skill.Perhaps a Control Resistance and/or Physical/Magical mitigation lingering for 2-3 seconds could quite be useful in ways of trading with randomness.Also as another idea, increasing damage while Runaway has a shield could be an option for this skill


I would like to see more push distance with this skill.It's quite useful with low costs but it helps a litte to elite melee enemies with large area hits due to cast time.Perhaps this could be cast while running.

------------------------------------------ARMORING ANTHEMS-------------------------------------------

Overall, i think this skill line should be buffed a little more.As ubisoft said that they will buff the shields, i believe a little tweak about 1 or 2 skills may be wonderful.Those being;


Considering diffrent builds that use Mosh Pit (i call them Pyrotechnicians), lowering the mana cost a bit should do the trick.It has already a long cooldown and no damage, lowering the mana cost should help the Pyrotechnicians a little more.


I think in order to make this skill useful i sense it's a must that it should be an on-hit effect.Lower it's shield generation ratio and make it a permanent buff for a capped mana or a high mana cost and it should be useful again.

-------------------------------------------POWER CHORDS---------------------------------------------------

Overall i think this tree has 2 legit skills and 2 crappy-useless ones.While i believe that Dancing Blades is a good kiting tool and Pyortechnics has its own way of life, Shred and Siren's stun need some tweaks.


Dealing with gazillions of minions in a trapped room while avoiding some big fat elites, siren's stun has zero use.I think this should be changed to a dot skill rather than a projectile.An instant effect on the selected enemy should help siren's stun to become more an effective way to control the battlefield else, you'll be stunning bag of bones all the time.


This also has little value dealing with crowded habitats.Changing those point-dot projectiles to a cone-wave style while lowering the damage a bit, can be a beneficial change on this skill.

Thank you and please let me know if you have another ideas or theories.I would like to know what other people critically think about Runaway.

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March 08, 2014 18:16 (almost 2 years ago)

Hey there!

Here are my ideas...

--- Heavy Metal ---
- Spin Spin Sugar: a bleeding/dot component would be nice (damage needs to go up)
- Headbang: increase charging distance and reduce damage component
- Mean Pinball: first target should be selected one; should return to first target;
- Push: should push the runaway back, not the creatures; she is not a warrior...

--- Armoring Anthems ---
- Rebel Yell: should be useable without mob;
- Mosh Pit: should be useable without mob; reduce mana cost;
- Teen Spirit: convert this to something that gives CC immunity + run speed for a short duration (the mage charge gives CC immunity + damage immunity + speed...). Whatever you do, it needs to be on par with the roll/charge of the other classes.

--- Power Cords ---
- Dancing Blades: I don't like them... She is not a "Trap Assassin"...
- Pyrotechnics: should still fire when being pushed or pulled by a mob; a healing component would be nice;
- Siren's Stun: reduce mana cost
- Shred: make the burst pierce/fly through the target with higher speed and more range

She needs more mobility, more damage, better abilities and more survivability.


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March 09, 2014 11:20 (almost 2 years ago)

Personally; I run Headbang, Rebel shout, Spin Spin and Push.

The way I play is Push and Spin trash mobs while using Spin to stun dashing mobs and Zeke's.

Shout, head bang, headbang towards target mobs and push.

These combo's work great for me personally, the Power Cords seem completely useless to me because they require you to stand still.

Standing still with Runaway = death.

As it stands now; the Runaway cannot decide what she is a tanky DPS or Mobility CC (skill wise).

I say, to avoid another tank make Runaway more movement and crowd control focused (replace powercords). I very much enjoy the synergies with the shield ( Rebel Shout + Headbank 2x + push and then spin vs trash. (3x headbang vs hp sacrifice to finish off target mob if i have to) is a key part of my joy with Runaway.

Do i sacrifice health or wait for my shout etc.

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