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March 18, 2014 16:36 (almost 2 years ago)

Also on Teen Spirit, maybe increase the rank 1 duration by 2 seconds, but only have it add 1 second per rank. That way you're already well over the defendotron shield's duration and have a little wiggle room when you first get it, but end up with the same duration in the end. This will also help flatten the rank-up gaps to be more in line with other classes.

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March 18, 2014 22:08 (almost 2 years ago)

I started out playing an archer but after reaching lvl 10 I kind of didn't like the mobility and it seemed more like I was running from mobs than facing them head on like I wanted to.

From the idea of a punk rocker girl with a gigantic guitarweapon I thought she'd be perfect for me since I really don't like being a full-blown tank, like the knight.

Now with my runaway at lvl 17 I find it really hard to finish castles, not impossible, but just plain hard.

My skill set on my runaway which I actually kind of feel confined to since I dislike the other skills are:

  • Rebel Yell
  • Dancing Blades / Mosh Pit
  • Headbang
  • Push

In that order.
With my experience so far I can only say that you NEED one of the shield skills as your skills that do the most amount of damage either eat your hp or make you stand still and have others eat your hp. Oh and you do not have any healing skills but that's fine.

So you need a minimum of 1 shield skill

Your damage isn't the best in the game and you are not a ranged auto-attacker, you NEED at least 1 heavy damage skill.

So another skill-slot for heavy damage

Preferably you would want to lure mobs from the other side of the traps to your position so you can corner gank them, aka "DIE ZEKE DIEEEEEEEE!"

So +1 skill-slot for ranged lure

You don't want to be ganked by massive groups of mobs hugging you like they are the entire cast of the carebears so you want a way out/AOE skill

Last skill-slot goes to AOE.

By no means is this a requirement for every Runaway. This is merely what I would want from my skills.

For a good reliable shield there is Rebel Yell and Mosh Pit.
For a good damage source there is Headbang and.... Headbang
For a good baiting skill there is Dancing Blades, Shred(Ya'rly)
For a good way out/AOE skill... heh, there is Push, Mean Pinball, Spin Spin Sugar, Mosh Pit and Dancing Blades.

So obviously groups of monsters could never really close up on runaway's and the runaway is able to deflect the carebear cast like the cruel mistress she is.

Now for her weapon arsenal, The Axe, The Scythe and The Spear.

Axes have the best Damage Per Hit, that which the skills are based on (NOT dps!!). They're slow and their "cleave" is really not that effective, I've even sliced more enemies with a scythe in one hit.
There actually does seem to be some kind of hidden way to actually master the axe's cleave but you have to know when she hits from her left and when from her right. Still, I dislike cleave but love the high damage on my skills.

Scythes are probably the best Damage Per Second weapons for the Runaway since most of them come with poison damage which is not integrated with the DPS counter. I've utilized the poison damage since it also gives a chance to do poison damage with skills <3. Personally I love the scythes... but they could've designed them a liiiiittle bit more awesome. Sure your skills don't do as much damage as axes... initially anyway since poison is pretty good.

Lastly, Spears... I never like the spears since they are focused on 1v1 fights, which we all know is not going to happen. Spears give the lowest average skill damage and they can only make up for it with a high dps which doesn't even compare to scythes, just a little faster with a tiny push-back. Definatly NOT worth it.

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March 21, 2014 01:52 (almost 2 years ago)

Are the knight's "single target" weapons supposed to be able to hit more than 5 things at once with every attack if there's enough things in front of them? If so, why can't the Runaway's spear and scythe do so except every third hit?

Also, I found out that the greataxe only cleaves the left 90 degrees with the first attack then the right 90 degrees with the second then repeat. This makes it even worse than I thought before because the cleave damage stands a much higher chance to be negated through healing. Why can't it just cleave the front 135 degrees or so? The knight cleaves 360 degrees with their weapon (I tested it to be sure) for -30% base dps, so -15% for 135 degrees doesn't seem out of the question. With linear instead of proportionate dps upgrades from enchanted items, this makes the gap between the weapon types even closer to even while the knight still hits 4x the area of the Runaway with every strike.

I could hit to each side of a target rather than clicking on them directly so that the same 90 degree arc is hit every time, but why should I have to do that for maximum efficiency? None of the other classes have to deal with something anywhere near that micro intensive as to have to accurately switch between clicking different locations off of the target you want to hit to maintain good efficiency. If it weren't for healing near immediately making all the cleave damage disappear this wouldn't be so big a deal, but it's easy to heal and so the unfocused cleave damage is often pointless.

The more I find out about the greataxe, the more I hate it and how much worse it is than the spear and scythe, not to mention multiple times worse than any knight weapon due to the single target weapons hitting many targets at once. What's worse is that I keep finding stuff like confusion/dps/attack speed greataxes, but I still can't make good use out of them over my crafted great spear because of how long they take to swing costing me a ballista hit that I probably would have avoided with spear or scythe. I can't afford any ballista hits on hard castles. That's even without the problems hitting things moving away, which is also due to the slow attack speed. It's not a big deal on the mage's explosive staff and the archer's peircing bow since those are projectiles that travel, but with melee attacks the swing doesn't keep moving forward.

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March 23, 2014 03:10 (almost 2 years ago)

Perspective from a new player I guess.

Mage - Good dps but squishy, so on par with most mages in well most games.
Archer - Same as the above though feels more mobile than the mage.
Knight - Brokenly amazing cause I can smashface my way through anything with Healing Strike.
Runaway - Squishy and lacking damage, tends to burn mana at a rate equal to a Mage channel (Inferno or Death Grip) maybe even faster with some skill combos.

To focus on Runaway as per the topic...

Dancing Blade - Is good for high kite situations as you can toss em and run the other way then bring em back, killing weaker mobs.

Pyrotechnics - Meshes moderately well with Mosh Pit as you channel for 6s and Most Pit stuns for 5s but with Mosh Pit throwing mobs every which way you might not hit your intended target and its damage is a bit lackluster for standing still so long. Standing still so long allows the ranged mobs to kick your face in so its not viable mid-game ish with Zekes in a lot of castles.

Push - As stated in other posts, one of the best (if not best) skill currently.

Headbang - Eh, I havnt really used it as I cant seem to get loot so im even squishier than others so smashing my own shields or hp into the ground seems...masochistic.

Spin Spin Sugar - Lacking in damage but good for some small mobility and CC.

Sirens Stun - >_> Seriously? Line? What about..Cone?

Shred - You go from a 2-3hit wonder to a 1hit wonder and all the while you wonder who thought up this piece of trash. Remove shield eat, make it cone, make it travel faster. And if those dont make this skill not suck so bad no one uses it, try upping its lackluster damage too.

Rebel Yell - Handy as all hell, maybe some more shielding to improve the characters generalized lack of surviving?

Most Pit - Besides it tossing mobs in random ass directions (do you know what a mosh pit is? O_o) its not a bad skill. Maybe make it either A: Keep mobs in their positions upon use or B: Drag everything closer (kinda like mage skill...umm alt-tabbing...Vortex Rift) though maybe not nearly as well stacked (even if mosh pits by definition are tightly packed)/

Teen Spirit - Only good for trash mob castles or if you can blow up Dr Skull's friendly little chain gang quick.

Mean Pinball - Used it in ONE dungeon (saw this skill in video and was like "Ooohhh that looks awesome!).....probably the largest letdown of all her skills. Damage? Subpar. Mobility tool? Eeehh yeah you can move around kinda quickly but....you end up in worse situations than you might be trying to get out of. Honestly all I remember from its short lived life on my skillbar.


Im not even going to try and sound like I know what im talking about here except to say..

Mana? Whats that? Where can I get that?
Living? What? Nooo fool im a rockstar, gotta die young!

Design (Art)

I like everything except the near flat chest. Now im not saying she needs breasts the size of Texas or anything but maybe some ever so slightly noticable just so someone looking at your monitor can tell its female without hearing the voice and saying "Either thats a chick or that dude got his nuts crushed at an early age".


Iunno what the basic is as I got the Skin/FX in the pack but I like it :D

Random Thoughts

Honestly she isnt OMGWTF terrible. Shes somewhere between "Grrr, gonna go play my " and "Useless Emo rocker b!@#$!" And with the whole "incoming mob balance patch which may or may not make Knight not so OP" I just look at my Runaway and go "You are so screwed."

Also for anyone reading who has not played...For the 10-14 stetch people say shes horrid in...Example!

I beat Durrr with my lvl13 Mage (12 Knight/Archer/Runaway). Went to the next region and noticed the lvl15 maps were rather easy so grinded there. Big Bow Wow wasnt really an issue for anyone. Staremastery wasnt really an issue either. Team Skull for one reason or another was a bit harsh on my Runaway. At 13 my Archer/Mage/Knight were easily farming The Barn (lvl17 npc castle) while my Runaway would walk in and go "...ow." and either A: fall over or B: run a potion IV drip until depletion or death. Even at 14 shes still having issues and thats probably because of the lack of gear I get for her.

Unrelated - Copy/Paste > auto logout

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March 23, 2014 03:24 (almost 2 years ago)


What "Resistances" does Rebel Yell supposedly reduce? Ours? enemies? Just used it for two castle runs and didnt see a damage difference with it on a mob or not. I would think 20% reduction would be worth atleast 20pts of dmg from Push.

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March 23, 2014 04:12 (almost 2 years ago)

Quote | Surreal9533 posted on Mar 23 2014 03:24 AM UTC


What "Resistances" does Rebel Yell supposedly reduce? Ours? enemies? Just used it for two castle runs and didnt see a damage difference with it on a mob or not. I would think 20% reduction would be worth atleast 20pts of dmg from Push.

Supposed to make them take more damage. In theory lol

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March 23, 2014 20:39 (almost 2 years ago)

It does work. You'll notice it much more on things like Defendotrons, Robotrons and Petes where they start to die in one headbang chain instead of needing a headbang chain, push, and then a finishing strike. The higher the starting resistance, the more it multiplies your damage.

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March 25, 2014 00:36 (almost 2 years ago)

I wanna play the Runaway someday, & Axes are my fav Melee Weapon, so hearing the Axe choice get called Gimp makes me sad. :(

Devs, any chance ya could talk the Runaway into taking Swim & Track courses till she's fit & athletic enough to run as fast as the Knight? Tell her it'll make her already awesome singing & rocking stamina even more powerful yet! ;)

Lastly, why does she not have a Name Devs? Couldn't think of one? I can help with that... how does "Rinoa" sound for a name for her? When I watch her in action in Vids, she looks & feels like a 'Rinoa' to me. :)

Anticipating the next Patch that's said to buff the Runaway... if it looks good, I might just fork over the bucks to grab her cause i'm liking the concept of this game enough that I might finally take the big leap & support the Devs. I got the Steam Version of this Game... is everything buy-able for this game buy-able for the Steam Version of this Game, or only the stuff on the Steam page for this game? (Runaway's my top priority & I can't afford to spend big dough, but I can try to learn what my options are in this regard as I wait for that Patch.) The Runaway looks like such a fun as hell Character! ^_^

Edit: ROFL at the Devs choking on Patching their game so hard that last Patch, but nonetheless, like their effort to improve the Runaway. I MIGHT just take that leap to Support the Devs today. :) (Devs, ya still need to get your act together. I don't think your Coding Style or whatever ya might call it is working, it's too bulky & unwieldy to the point that it's kicking even your ass. Seriously consider changing your Coding Strategy. ;) Oh, & can the Runaway run at Knight Speed & swing her Weapon for her normal attacks at an actual useful speed next Patch?)

Edit 2: I have made the leap & gotten the Combo Pack! :D Why does a Character named "The Runaway" run so slow? Let her run at Knight Speed or ya might as well rename her "The Jogaway"... or my Suggestion above. ;P

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